Chris Riotta

Chris Riotta is a reporter from New York and is a Master's candidate in Journalism at Columbia University. He has covered topics as diverse as politics and international conflict, immigration and Internet culture. Riotta left Newsweek in 2018 and can be reached at

Jared Kushner Failed to Disclose West Bank Funding

Yet another omission was discovered on Jared Kushner's financial disclosure forms Friday, as news broke of his reported involvement in attempting to sway a U.N. Security Council vote before Donald Trump became president.

Russia May Label McDonald's a Foreign Agent

A Russian lawmaker wants to reclassify American fast food chains like McDonald's and KFC as "foreign agents," after the Kremlin moved to provide the same label to international news outlets.

Hope Hicks's Loyalty To Trump Will Be Tested By Mueller

Former Watergate prosecutors told Newsweek the White House communications director could find herself in legal jeopardy for fabricating statements about the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian operatives during the 2016 election.

Alec Baldwin Says Melania Trump Is a Fan of 'SNL'

The first lady's director of communications refuted the claims, telling Newsweek in an email: "That is not true, which is why Mr. Baldwin has no actual names to go with his bizarre assertion."

Donald Trump's Worst Fear Has Come True

The president is not excluded from the investigation, which is "looking at a whole range of actors and what kind of relationships they had with the Russians."