Christian Caryl

Counterinsurgency Lessons From Sri Lanka

Can insurgencies be crushed by purely military means? Many counterinsurgency -theorists doubt it, arguing that guerrilla wars are won and lost primarily on the political front.

Bernanke's Fight Against Deflation

Comparisons between the United States today and Japan in the early 1990s just keep growing. The Japanese call that period the "Lost Decade," as it was marked by anemic growth, plummeting prices and the lingering death of insolvent banks.

Yen, Dollar and Franc Turn Into Safe Havens

Japanese stock markets have tanked this year. America is in the midst of its greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. And Switzerland? Wait, isn't that the country whose GDP is outweighed by a single one of its now beleaguered banks?Currency markets don't seem to be thinking quite that way.

U.S.-Japan Ties Strained by North Korea Delisting

Most nations are applauding George W. Bush's late-term embrace of talking to U.S. enemies, with the notable exception of Japan. Even Europe, once the epicenter of Bush bashing, will grudgingly praise his latest concessions on climate change.

Japanese Markets Crash

Japan has little tie to America's toxic securities, but its market melted down anyway, as fear ran wild.

Kim Jong Il's History of Disappearing

Amid the frenzy of speculation on the whereabouts of Kim Jong Il—is he dead, sick, paralyzed?—it's worth remembering that the North Korean leader has a history of disappearing for weeks or months at a time.

The Other Global Warming

Global warming tops the agenda of the July G8 summit of leading industrial nations in Hokkaido, but warming of a more beneficial sort is coming to Japan, too.

Don't Mention The War

A new documentary on Japan's wartime past has provoked a conservative campaign to ban the film.

Goodbye, Shanghai

Evidence of an investor exodus from China is mounting. Some 200 Taiwanese firms have left the city of Dongguan, says a Taiwan trade group. The Federation of Hong Kong Industries predicts 6,000 to 7,000 of its factories in the Pearl River Delta will shut down this year.

Armies of the Enlightened

Throughout Asia, Buddhism is growing fast, playing an increasingly political—and, in some spots, militant—role.

Not Made In Japan

Once upon a time, the country was a leader in technology. Now it's struggling to find its place in the digital age. Can an entrenched corporate culture change?

The New Food Capital Of The World

Toru Okuda was in trouble. He'd slaved away for years to realize his dream of opening a gourmet restaurant in Tokyo, and by 2003 he had finally pulled it off.

Ecopolitics: Why Japan Risks Its Place In the World to Hunt Whales

Japan's grim determination to keep hunting whales long after most states gave it up drives environmentalists round the bend. But never has it threatened relations with a key ally—or, arguably, the core of Japan's current foreign policy—till now.In recent weeks, Australia's new pro-green Labor government has demanded that Tokyo call off a current whaling expedition in Antarctica, has ordered an armed customs ship to monitor the operation; it's even considered sending in Air Force...

Japan's Mob Modernizes

Like smart businesses everywhere, Japan's infamous underworld gangs are reinventing themselves to cope with increasingly global competition.

Q&A: Why Japan Can't Innovate

Despite its vaunted high-tech industries, Japan's propensity to look inward is crippling the country's ability to innovate and compete.