Christina Gillham

The Saudi 'Sex & and the City'?

When Rajaa Alsanea's "The Girls of Riyadh" hit bookstores in the Middle East in 2005, it caused a furor. Referred to by some as a "Sex and the City" for Saudi Arabia, the book delved into the social, romantic—and sometimes sex—lives of its four female characters.

Does Your Child Need a Personal Trainer?

Like many 13-year-olds, Adam Hillen likes sports. As a seventh grader in Mason, Ohio, he plays on his junior high school's football and wrestling teams. But his father became concerned when Adam began working out with his friends. "He would go to the weight room with a bunch of kids, and I just thought that invited injury," says Doug Hillen.So he took Adam to meet Doug Gibson, a personal trainer and president of Sensible Fitness in nearby Blue Ash. "I wanted Adam to learn the right way to lift...

Bought to Be Sold

Every year, close to 65,000 dogs are used for medical research in the United States. How do laboratories get the animals? Some come from licensed "Class A" dealers, who specifically breed dogs for research.


The biggest mystery in Europe this year isn't "The Da Vinci Code"--it's the question of what is killing the Continent's great pipe organs. That is the issue confounding scientists, music historians and organ experts involved with the EU-funded Corrosion of Lead and Lead-Tin Alloys of Organ Pipes in Europe (COLLAPSE), a research project formed when a mysterious corrosion began appearing in the hollow cylinders of some of Europe's oldest and most venerable instruments.

'An Evolution'

Democratic Rep. Barney Frank is known for his witty candor and his dedication to liberal causes, particularly gay rights. One of the few openly gay members of Congress, Frank had been in Washington six years before he came to out to his colleagues, and the nation, in 1987.


BOOKS The Outlaw Seaby William LangewiescheThe ocean is a realm that remains radically free," warns the author, describing a largely unregulated global shipping industry that leaves crews vulnerable to pirates and poorly maintained vessels susceptible to sinking.

Snap Judgment: Books

Occidentalism by Ian Buruma and Avishai MargalitIslamic jihadists don't have a monopoly on hating the West. As this slim volume shows, West-bashers have a long pedigree, from Japanese intellectuals to Russian Slavophiles.

Calling All Moms, Again

On Aug. 10, 1999, Donna Dees-Thomases became an activist. That's the day she witnessed on television a shooting at a Jewish community center day camp in Granada Hills, Calif., an incident that left five people wounded, three of them children.

Q&Amp;A: 'Democrats Do Have A Prayer'

The Democratic Leadership Council bills itself as a movement that seeks to "go beyond the old left-right debate." Its philosophy embraces centrist ideals such as fiscal discipline, economic growth and welfare reform--in short, the so-called Third Way adopted by Bill Clinton.Recently, however, the DLC has come under fire from members of its own party for warning liberal Dems not to stray from those middle-of-the road principles.Al From, the DLC's founder and CEO, spoke to NEWSWEEK's Christina B.

Q&Amp;A: Can We Ever Justify War?

The book documents the mass killings of the last half of the 20th century--from Pol Pot's slaughter of Cambodians to concentration camps in the former Yugoslavia--and analyzes the United States' reluctance, and sometimes outright refusal, to get involved.