Christopher Dickey

Better Angels and Killer Angels

Obama should realize what Lincoln understood: that there may be better angels in the nature of some people, but there are others who are willing to weaken, even destroy a nation to serve their own self-righteous self-interest, and they will do it in the name of the Constitution.

Mood Music for Terrorists

There's such an uproar every time terrorists fail to carry out a serious attack on the United States, you have to ask what's going to happen if, or when, they finally succeed. The printer-cartridge parcel bombs discovered on their way to Chicago are just the latest example. In each case the American rabid right, much of the supine American press, and the terrorist propaganda machine acted as if the bad guys had scored big.

Extremists in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the U.S. Exploit WikiLeaks Documents

Reading the WikiLeaks documents on Iranian support for attacks in Iraq, even an arrant pacifist would have to wonder just how much provocation is necessary before the United States decides to strike back with a vengeance. Extensive reports in the Iraq war logs describe the Iranian role working with members of Lebanon's Hizbullah to train Iraqi guerrillas to ambush American soldiers.

Time To Worry

After nearly a decade, the men and women fighting off terrorist attacks on the homeland are tired and worried. Take a recent breakfast I had with an old friend: I'd asked him why all the alerts and warnings of late (including the one reaffirmed on Thursday by the State Department) have centered on Europe. Not the United States? "Because we're missing something," he said as we waited for our coffee in a diner last week. "Because we're blind."

Eat, Pray, Hate

The threat to burn Qurans in Florida is a perfect example of the way America's own Christian Taliban are creating, promoting, and exploiting our national paranoia.

Iran: Censorship and Satellites

A battle for the future of Iran is shaping up in outer space, and it's not about missiles or nuclear weapons. It's about information—the ability to jam the signal that brings the news to the Iranian people via satellite television. And for the moment, it's a fight the Iranian government appears to be losing.

Burqas and Bikinis and Muslims and Miss USA Contests

Do clothes make the Muslim?The French cabinet approved a draft law this week that would make it illegal for women to veil their faces so that only their eyes—and sometimes not even their eyes—are visible. Wearing what are called burqas or niqabs, the women in question keep their bodies cloaked and their hands gloved even in the heat of summer. They say this is their religious duty and their civil right.

El Baradei: Egypt on the Edge

One of the greatest challenges of driving in Egypt is knowing when to stop at a stoplight. Cars flood past the red signals as if they weren't there, and earlier this month on the way to see Mohamed ElBaradei, the man of the moment in Egyptian politics, I asked my taxi driver what the trick was. "You stop when you see the police," he said, as if that ought to be obvious.For generations, Egypt and virtually all other countries in the Arab world have been ruled as if that same principle applied to...