Christopher Dickey

NATO, Stretched Dangerously Thin

These days, NATO's future seems to be mired in the foothills of the Hindu Kush. With 70,000 troops on Afghan soil, and with the U.S. pressuring for an even greater commitment, "NATO is about Afghanistan and nothing else," says an official in Brussels.But the Afghan trap is stretching NATO so thin, it may prove incapable of handling problems in its own backyard.

Sarkozy Looking To Play Crucial Role In Gaza

If the tragic axiom of Middle East peacemaking is that the Israelis and Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, there is now a new corollary: French President Nicolas Sarkozy never misses an opportunity to present himself as the opportunity.Last week, as Israeli tanks rolled through Gaza and the civilian death toll mounted into the hundreds, most Western leaders fell into paroxysms of procrastination.

"Beyond Terror": Moving Past Bush And Bin Laden

George W. Bush's neoconservative administration and Osama bin Laden's messianic terrorist organization may, in a perverse way, have deserved each other. But French scholar Gilles Kepel, in his new book, "Beyond Terror and Martyrdom," argues that the rest of us can do better than delusions of global democracy and the glories of suicide bombings.Braving inevitable charges that he's drawing moral equivalency, Kepel suggests that both Bush and bin Laden staked their claims to power on the...