Christopher Hitchens

The Pope Should Be Questioned in Sex-Abuse Cases

Detain or subpoena the pope for questioning in the child-rape scandal? You must be joking! All right then, try the only alternative formulation: declare the pope to be above and beyond all local and international laws, and immune when it comes to his personal and institutional responsibility for sheltering criminals.

Sarah Palin's Political Instincts: Hitchens

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ernest Gruening: war veteran, former editor of The Nation magazine, and Franklin Roosevelt's nominee for governorship of the then-territory of Alaska in 1939.

Hitchens on Lincoln

Lincoln, himself, was paradoxical—as is the way we see him now. To really know the 16th president, look past the ways in which we remember him.

The Dogmatic Doubter

The publication of Mother Teresa's letters, concerning her personal crisis of faith, can be seen either as an act of considerable honesty or of extraordinary cynicism (or perhaps both of the above).

Hitchens Takes on Mother Teresa

The nun's leading critic argues that  her crisis of faith—revealed in newly published letters—was brought on by the crushing unreasonableness of the Roman Catholic faith.

A World Is Born

The palindromic year now closing is palindromic only if you count by the arithmetic of the Christian era, and in few years has it been more evident that these numbers (written now in Arabic instead of Roman script) are relative.

False Spring

In Washington, March is sometimes the cruelest month. The air softens, the low sky opens up and spreads a bit, and the cherry blossoms begin to burgeon along the avenues and riverbanks.

Letter From America: Bah, Humbug!

It's Nov. 26. Exactly a month to what the British call "Boxing Day" and I (with relief) welcome as the day after Christmas. Big Illinois carpenters are doing their stuff in the lobby of the Hilton in downtown Chicago.

A Washingtonian Looks At His City

Perhaps it's just me, a Brit living in America. But Washington had a distinctly orphaned feeling as September drew to its unhappy close. The nation's heart bled for those burned and buried in New York, and for the all-American heroes dead in Pennsylvania--but not (or certainly not to the same degree) for the Federal City and the loss of one of the Pentagon's five facets.

Life On The Edge

If you don't like the weather in northern California, wait a few minutes and it'll change. (Mark Twain might have said that.) Other climates are similarly mutable.

Why North Korea Is Number One

A couple of months ago, the White House held a screening of a movie about the life of Varian Fry, the great prewar humanitarian who rescued innumerable artists and writers from Nazified Europe.

Prohibition Redux

EXCUSE ME FOR MENtioning it, but the era of big government doesn't seem to be quite over yet. This is true whether or not you happen to be - as I confess to being - a member of the inhaling community and a person of smoke.