Living The Island Dream

LIKE HUNDREDS OF OTHER FAMILIES, John Osbon, 45, his wife, Andrea Lee, 44, and their 9-year-old son, Max, are spending their summer on the glistening beaches of Nantucket Island, 25 miles off the coast of Massachusetts.

Our Embattled Ears

KATHY PECK, A MUSICIAN, NEVERthought much about her ears. Sure, she relied on them every day as a bass player and singer/songwriter in an all-girl punk band.

New Homes On The Range

IT WAS A SUBLIME MOMENT. SUSAN Hurst, 33, crafted a tiny cup out of white chocolate, filled it with coffee mousse, attached an edible handle, balanced it on a chocolate saucer, garnished it with a miniature raspberry cake - and then breathed a deep, tasty sigh of satisfaction.

How Old Is Too Old?

WHEN A HEALTHY WOMAN walked into Dr. Richard Paulson's Los Angeles infertility clinic four years ago, he saw no reason to reject her as a patient. Her medical records indicated that she was 50 years old--five years younger than Paulson's upper limit for in-vitro candidates--and she passed rigorous physical tests, including a treadmill jog.

When A Child's Silence Isn't Golden

MALINDA Boyd is increasingly worried about her 18-month-old son, Ryan. At 15 months, Ryan said absolutely nothing. Now he has a handful of words--"mama," "dada," "duck," "ball"-but far fewer than the norm for his age.

The Top 10 Health Worries

YOU'VE JUST BEEN HANDED your seven-pound bundle of joy and your first reaction is: Help! How do I keep from breaking it? Take heart. Babies may not bounce, but neither do they get a fatal infection if they suck a dirty thumb.

A Room Of Their Own

WHO CAN FORGET THE PUBESCENT pain of junior high? Boys sprout pimples, girls sprout attitude and both genders goad each other into a state of sexual confusion.

They Log On, But They Can't Log Off

What would you say about someone who spent 18 hours a day online? Not a research scientist, mind you, but a stay-at-home more from Texas. What if she lied to her husband about the monthly phone bills, as high as $400, she was racking up in her marathon chat sessions-then enlisted a computer hacker to wangle her free access when money ran low?

Harvard Held Up

Women have never had an easy time getting the men who run Harvard to take them seriously. The gender war once centered on such antiquities as male-only dining halls and library stacks.