Who Are the Kurds?

They straddle four countries and lead the fight against ISIS on the ground. And many of them believe they deserve independence.

CFR Explainer: Presidential Power in Iran

Introduction No incumbent has lost a presidential election in post-Revolution Iran, and despite allegations of vote rigging and fraud in the wake of the June 2009 race, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has so far avoided the historical distinction as the first. But some observers had speculated the sitting president would face a tough reelection bid, and news of Ahmadinejad's land-slide victory (AP) brought hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters into the streets of Tehran demanding a...

Chinese Nationalism and Tibet

Nationalism in China, surging amid protests over Beijing's rule in Tibet, increasingly fills the role Maoism played before China embraced capitalism

CFR: The Candidates on Iraq

The foreign policy issue already framing the 2008 presidential election is the war in Iraq. The war's growing unpopularity among Americans, coupled with nightly images of civilian and soldier casualties, will only add to the candidates' need to craft a plan to win the war. On this issue, the candidates are divided between supporting the president's strategy to surge more troops into central Iraq versus establishing a timetable, complete with benchmarks, to eventually pull out U.S. forces and...

CFR: The Candidates on U.S.-Pakistan Policy

Instability in Pakistan has steadily escalated in the course of the U.S. presidential campaign. Given the country's geo-strategic importance to Washington, its deteriorating situation has served as a litmus test of sorts for candidates seeking to assert their foreign policy credentials and clarify their views on U.S. struggles against al-Qaeda. President Pervez Musharraf's temporary institution of martial law and the assassination in December 2007 of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto spurred...

CFR: The Candidates on Immigration

The rise of globalization, combined with growing concerns over security and terrorism, has transformed immigration into an issue with significant foreign policy implications. In the 2006 midterm elections, immigration emerged as a significant issue in a number of campaigns, although it is not clear how decisive a role it played. The importance of a reformed immigration policy in a broader homeland security strategy has made it a major subject of debate in the 2008 presidential election. This...

Afghanistan's Troubled Border

Where the imperialists' Great Game once unfolded, tribal allegiances have made for a "soft border" between Afghanistan and Pakistan--and a safe haven for smugglers, militants and terrorists.