Cristina Silva

Professor Warns America is 'at War' With Alt-Right

A liberal professor who has received death threats over his Twitter messages championing gun control and criticizing the U.S. military warns that America is at war with the right and white supremacists. 

Has Ivanka Trump Repeatedly Broken Ethics Laws?

Critics have long warned that the first family's business ventures could be in violation of federal laws prohibiting government officials from getting rich off the American public and their ties to Washington.

South African Woman Is Miss Universe 2017 Winner

Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez was named the runner-up and Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett was the second runner-up at the competition held at the AXIS theater at Planet Hollywood casino-resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

North Korea Violated War Treaty to Chase Defector

United Nations Command released video of the daring escape Wednesday, noting that North Korea had violated a decades-old peace treaty when its soldiers chased after the defector into South Korea.

Japanese Wants to Stop North Korea

Roughly 54 percent of people surveyed in an opinion poll published Friday said they want Japan and the United States to take steps toward reigning in North Korea, compared to 39.4 percent who said dialogue was the best path forward.

Trump Didn't Make It to the North Koren Border

The president and a small group of reporters were traveling from Seoul to the zone in helicopters, but after about 25 minutes the trip was called off because of low visibility.

Former Air Force Member Kills Dozens at Church

Kelley had no known links to organized terrorist groups. It was unclear whether Kelley was killed by a self-inflicted wound or by police. His motive was not immediately known.