Cristina Silva

Kim Jong Un Prepares for Nuclear Test

"Our assessment is that the North is ready to conduct the nuclear test when they get the green light from Kim Jong Un," Lee Duck-haeng, a spokesman for South Korea's Unification Ministry, told reporters Wednesday.

Women Still Struggling After 'Lean In'

Sandberg said she still embraces the goal she laid out in "Lean In" of seeing women run half the world's countries and companies, but realizing that vision will take years. 

An EU Breakup Could Lead to War, Juncker Says

The president of the European Commission said President Donald Trump's support for Brexit was "annoying" and "surprising" and called Trump's "America First" promise frightening to Europeans.

Islamic State Group Kills 10 Egyptian Soldiers

Increasingly, ISIS supporters have carried out terror attacks beyond the group's main strongholds in Iraq and Syria in recent years, fueling mass murders in Pakistan, Turkey, France, the United States and other nations.

State Department Embraces 'Extreme Vetting'

The new screening process would direct officials to probe social media accounts for all applicants who have ever visited or lived in territory controlled by the Islamic State group.

Canada Sees Surge in Asylum Seekers

Canadian officials detained 476 border crossers nationwide in January and 658 in February. That's nearly half the number of illegal entries overall from 2016, when 2,464 people were detained in 12 months.