Daniel Klaidman

Obama's Secret Gitmo Plan

Actually, it isn't much of a plan—and that's the problem. But who's to blame—Obama or Congress?

The Least Likely Spy

How did an amateur pilot turned artsy bookstore owner end up at the pinnacle of the CIA?

Can this Man Protect Us?

James Comey is Obama's pick to run the FBI–our front line in the war on terror. But is he too self-righteous for his own good?

How Gitmo Imprisoned Obama

Five years later, Guantánamo remains open. It is the president's biggest failure. Now he tries to close it—again.

The Iraq War Inside Newsweek

When the invasion began, newsrooms around the world faced awful decisions about whether to put their reporters in harm's way for the truth.

Will Brennan Subdue the CIA?

He seen as a hawk who supports torture and drone strikes, but the president's nominee is far more nuanced.

The Logic of Hagel

Why Obama wanted an 
improbable fellow traveler at the pentagon.

That Day of Infamy

Covering 9/11, journalists found a renewed sense of mission. By Daniel Klaidman

Will Obama End the War on Terror?

'Zero Dark Thirty' spotlights America's finest hour in the battle against al Qaeda. But can Obama finish the forever war? The debate over drones—and getting out alive.

The Fall of a General

David Petraeus subdued Iraq, steered the course for exit in Afghanistan, and is one of the most decorated generals of his generation. So why was he no match for his biographer?

Fortunate One

Sure, Obama's lucky. He also relentlessly seizes his chances and makes every one of them count.

The SEALs' Biggest Threat

They can handle al Qaeda and the Taliban. What worries America's most celebrated fighting force is the lure of Hollywood's siren song.

The Perfectionist

A lifetime of order, upended by Obamacare. How Chief Justice John Roberts will handle it.

Drones: The Silent Killers

The Obama campaign touts a commander in chief who never flinches, but the truth is more complex. How the president came to embrace a new way of war.

Obama's Secret Army

At a time when many Americans think their government is inept, the 'Special Operators' get the job done. Just ask the President, who is doubling down on the Navy SEALs.

Klaidman: Counterproductive Counterterror Ideas

Bob Woodward exposed reams of classified intelligence in his most recent book. But it was Barack Obama's assertion of the obvious that ignited outrage among his national-security critics.

Remembering Rosty

The setting, a legendary Chicago steakhouse, was pure Rosty. I'd imagined him striding through the restaurant, pushing past the favor-seekers and acolytes, stopping to schmooze impressed diners. But it was a much-diminished Dan Rostenkowski who'd recently emerged from 13 months in the federal penitentiary.