Daniel McGinn

Scratches In The Teflon

You can hear the sound of the pedestal cracking. After 18 years of the best reviews in American business, General Electric chief Jack Welch's status as management idol is slipping.

Can't Get No Satisfaction

In December 1991, Ray DeChaine got an ugly Christmas present. Wrapped in an envelope from his Merrill Lynch broker was some bad news. It seemed the $80,000 he'd invested back in 1985 wasn't worth $80,000 anymore.

Hucksters On Air

IT SOUNDS LIKE A CAN'T-MISS DEAL. INVEST less than $10,000 and get in early on the hottest wave in the Info Highway revolution -- wireless cable television.

The Search For Mr. Right

MOST BROKERS ARE AS trustworthy as Boy Scouts and hope to make you rich. Still, you should spend some time investigating a broker's background before entrusting one with your savings.

What Makes Them Tick

WHEN PAINEWEBBER introduced its new ad campaign in 1991, retail chief Joe Grano saw several thousand of his brokers do a double take. If you watch any television, you've seen the ads: a happy customer is telling a less happy friend how good they have it.