Daniel McGinn

MIT's Green Energy Club

It's a Monday night at MIT, just a few weeks before final exams. Grad students Tegin Teich and Todd Schenk could be studying or relaxing. Instead, they're hustling through a maze of basement hallways in search of notorious energy hogs: vending machines.

DVDs: Sure, We've Got That!

In an age of cable-on-demand, Netflix and BitTorrent, it can be tough running a mom-and-pop video store. But give a few of these independent retailers credit for ingenuity: they've come across a novel trick for turning the competition into part of their supply chain.

With Lust In Our Hearths

The housing boom was driven by more than economics. Our exuberance for lavish renovations, custom mansions and vacation getaways was fueled partly by the media. In a new book, NEWSWEEK's Daniel McGinn explains why.