Daniel Stone

Super-PAC Attack

Their non-profit siblings provide money to the cash cows, without having to publicly disclose their donors.

Welfare for Millionaires

A startling new report reveals the billions in government dollars that benefit America's wealthiest citizens.

Is Alex Trebek in Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek bounds across the blue-toned stage, past the giant board of clues, eager to take questions from the studio audience. It's somewhere around the 6,000th episode of "Jeopardy!" he has hosted, and interacting with the crowd, he says, is his favorite part of the job.

Obama Opts for Middle Ground in Handling Egyptian Protests

To the extent that the Obama administration has a strategy on the turmoil in Egypt, it seems, for now, to want to remain as neutral as possible. In the wake of escalating confrontations between protesters and riot police across most of Egypt, the White House announced Friday it was monitoring the situation closely and for most of the day refrained from making any statements that could potentially exacerbate the uproar.

Gun-Control Effort Coming Soon From White House

Obama intentionally did not mention gun control in his State of the Union, but aides say that in the next two weeks the administration will unveil a campaign to get Congress to toughen existing laws.

Obama Strikes a Civil Tone

State of the Union addresses are supposed to be heavy on the broad language and sweeping rhetoric about people and parties coming together. The actual work comes days and weeks later, of course, but the president's most-watched prime-time speech was designed to argue that America's brightest days lie ahead—if we make the right choices now.

Groups That Offer National Service Opportunities

Many groups provide opportunities for Americans, young and old, to help their communities, their country, and people in distant lands. Some outfits require specific expertise; others are just looking for committed people to assist a good cause. Following are five organizations that put helping hands to work.

An All-American White House State Visit

President Hu Jintao requested a "quintessentially American experience" at the White House—and he got one, from apple pie to open political discourse.

Hu and Obama's Secret State Dinner

Want details on tonight's state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao? Good luck, says Dan Stone, who reports on the importance of the affair and who might be on the guest list.

Pakistan's Ambassador Dominates Twitter

Washington is a city that loves to tweet—more than 200 members of Congress are avid users of Twitter, obsessively sharing their real-time thoughts on every legislative decision to pass through the House or Senate these days. And now the rage has spread to D.C.'s foreign diplomats.

Is Gun Violence the Cost of Freedom?

Looking in from abroad, much of the world has historically been baffled by America's gun laws. In no other country can a mentally unstable person access a Glock pistol as easily as suspected Arizona shooter Jared Loughner did.

The Year's Biggest Political Lies

From a year of enormous whoppers—like the president's alleged $200 million-a-day trip to India and the claim that the stimulus created not one job in the private sector—the editors at Politifact have identified the biggest deception of all.

Is Health-Care Reform Really in Trouble?

After a Virginia judge ruled against a part of the health-care-reform package, the White House countered that it wasn't surprised. Many judges have had different opinions. The place where opinions will really matter, it seems, is the Supreme Court.

Obama's Afghanistan Surprise

The president's unannounced overnight trip to meet with troops in Afghanistan is being framed as an end-of-year opportunity to thank the armed forces in the war zone.

White House Makes Progress on Saving Energy

The words "bureaucracy" and "efficiency" usually don't make it into the same headline. But the White House's efforts to cut the government's energy use are making some progress.

Basketball Pickup Game Leaves Obama in Stitches

President Obama has taken some flak over his fondness for participatory sports. It appears to have caught up with him in a post-Thanksgiving basketball game, when he took an unfriendly elbow straight to the lip.

A 'Hydrogen Highway' in Connecticut?

Clean and abundant, hydrogen is the fuel of the future—and always will be. Or so the joke goes. In California, for example, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger envisioned 100 auto-ready hydrogen stations along the coast. After five years, however, only a few dozen are in place, and enthusiasm—not to mention funding—has waned. Without a larger network, automakers won't commercialize hydrogen-ready cars. But without cars, few companies have been keen to invest in fueling stations—until now.

King Coal Cries Foul in Kentucky

The Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to impose strict new limits on smog-creating emissions like sulfur dioxide. The guidelines aren't due until next year, however, which has inspired a last-minute push for leniency in the coal-rich states of Appalachia.