Daniel Stone

Is Alex Trebek in Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek bounds across the blue-toned stage, past the giant board of clues, eager to take questions from the studio audience. It's somewhere around the 6,000th episode of "Jeopardy!" he has hosted, and interacting with the crowd, he says, is his favorite part of the job.

Obama Opts for Middle Ground in Handling Egyptian Protests

To the extent that the Obama administration has a strategy on the turmoil in Egypt, it seems, for now, to want to remain as neutral as possible. In the wake of escalating confrontations between protesters and riot police across most of Egypt, the White House announced Friday it was monitoring the situation closely and for most of the day refrained from making any statements that could potentially exacerbate the uproar.

Obama Strikes a Civil Tone

State of the Union addresses are supposed to be heavy on the broad language and sweeping rhetoric about people and parties coming together. The actual work comes days and weeks later, of course, but the president's most-watched prime-time speech was designed to argue that America's brightest days lie ahead—if we make the right choices now.

A 'Hydrogen Highway' in Connecticut?

Clean and abundant, hydrogen is the fuel of the future—and always will be. Or so the joke goes. In California, for example, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger envisioned 100 auto-ready hydrogen stations along the coast. After five years, however, only a few dozen are in place, and enthusiasm—not to mention funding—has waned. Without a larger network, automakers won't commercialize hydrogen-ready cars. But without cars, few companies have been keen to invest in fueling stations—until now.

King Coal Cries Foul in Kentucky

The Environmental Protection Agency is scheduled to impose strict new limits on smog-creating emissions like sulfur dioxide. The guidelines aren't due until next year, however, which has inspired a last-minute push for leniency in the coal-rich states of Appalachia.