Daniel Stone

California's Next Governor Won't Have It Easy

In California, it won't make much difference who wins the gubernatorial race, at least not right away. Sweep aside each candidate's vision for running California—either as a shipshape business (Whitman) or by returning to the basics of its heyday (Brown)—and what's left is a state severely crippled by institutional ailments that neither candidate will be able to fix in the immediate future.

What a GOP Takeover Would Mean

On Nov. 2, Republicans are likely to regain control of the House and come close to winning back the Senate. But while conservatives are already trumpeting the 2010 midterms as a historic validation of their agenda, the truth, as in 2008, is considerably more nuanced.

Alaska Wants Sea Lions off Endangered List

The endangered-species list is supposed to offer temporary refuge. In its 37-year history, however, more than a thousand animals have been added and only a few dozen removed (most often because of extinction or miscounts). Part of the problem is the federal government, which admits that it's slow to remove recovered species. That chafes governors, who curb industry to protect the creatures. Now Alaska is pushing for a faster review.

Replacing Rahm Emanuel

Even though Rahm Emanuel has more than a month left to announce if he will leave to run for mayor of Chicago, speculation on who would replace him as Obama's chief of staff, should he go, is already swirling. Here is our short list.

Not the Summer He Planned

Friday's new economic numbers weren't all bad news. But three days before Labor Day, unemployment is up again, and the pace of the recovery is far short of what the White House had planned.