Daniel Stone

Is Glenn Beck Running for Office?

Ask those who showed up at Glenn Beck's rally in Washington this weekend and they'll likely tell you that in their dream world, Beck would run for president. And he would do so on a ticket with Sarah Palin. Those two together would be unstoppable, you'd hear, and are the only pair who can, to borrow a phrase from Beck, "restore America."

Democrats May Not Be Headed for Midterm Bloodbath

As Democrats prepare for considerable losses in the November elections, there's reason to believe the party in power may not be headed for the bloodbath it might expect. According to a new NEWSWEEK Poll, President Obama's approval rating—47 percent—indicates that the party is better off this year than Republicans were in 2006, when the GOP lost 30 House seats, and than the Democrats were in 1994, when they lost 52 House seats.

Fundraiser in Chief

Obama visits five states, travels 7,300 miles, and does nine fundraising events—all, Democrats hope, for millions of dollars in the bank.

Obama's Charm Offensive

An hourlong interview on a daytime talk show is unprecedented for a sitting president. But under the studio lights and in front of a giggly crowd, Obama showed that cracking jokes and pandering to a friendly audience can certainly be strategic.

Money Raised and Spent by GOP Pols for 2012

Even though no GOP politician has formally declared a run for president in 2012, gauging how much money potential candidates have raised for their political action committees--and what they're doing with it--reveals something about their game plans: key endorsements they're trying to secure and volunteer networks they're aiming to harness. Some of these pols are starting to rev up. Others, not so much. Here's a rundown.