Daniel Stone

How Will Gulf Spill Affect Energy Debate? A Chat With Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter

Politics is nothing but the art of timing and opportunity. Opponents of drilling are hoping that now, in the wake of a worsening environmental catastrophe, might be their best opening to make a credible and convincing case that the time to shift to renewable energy is now, and there are 200,000 barrels' worth of reasons currently spewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Shortlist to Replace Stevens

After a month of announcing that he "might be" retiring, the liberal stalwart Justice John Paul Stevens made it official this morning. Effective at the end of the Supreme Court's term this summer, Stevens told President Obama in a letter this morning that he would be stepping down, keen to the timing requisite for Obama to appoint another, and ideologically similar, jurist.

Obama in Prague: Four Things He'll Have to Accomplish

You might call April a nuclear month for President Obama. After announcing the administration's Nuclear Posture Review this week, the president will travel to Prague tonight to sign a treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev—an overture to a nuclear-arms summit hosted at the White House next week that is expected to include more than 30 heads of state.Prague was chosen to kick off the proceedings because of a speech Obama gave there last year in which he called for a nuclear-free world.