Daniel Stone

With White House Drilling Announcement, Cap-and-Trade Officially Dies

After a long and bumpy past, it's now clear that cap-and-trade has gone from the gurney to the morgue. The stark admission came this morning during a CNBC interview with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. "I think the term 'cap-and-trade' is not in the lexicon anymore," he said, suggesting that more agreeable goals, like slowing pollution and reducing oil imports, were more in the scope of the administration.

Canada to Ann Coulter: Watch Your Mouth

If there's anyone who knows how to turn America's freedom of speech laws into a payday, it's Ann Coulter. The sometimes incendiary and always controversial conservative commentator has made millions on books and speeches that refer to liberalism as "a mental disorder" and progressives as "godless." But does her ability to incite at the expense of others end when she leaves the country?

Sebelius Calls Out Health-Care Opposition

The goal over the past month for the Obama administration has been to discredit its opponents on health reform. It's why the president hosted the televised policy summit last month, which wasn't really about finding common ground, but was mostly an effort to show in a public setting that the other side's ideas to fix the ailing health-care system were all talk and no action.Now the administration is taking the fight to the real opponents of reform, the lobbyists who have funneled more than $20...