Daniel Stone

America, Meet the OPM Web Site

Ever wonder if your tax dollars are working for you? Then check out the Office of Personnel Management's Web site, which declares whether the federal government is open for business, or buried under four feet of blizzard snow.Inside the Beltway, this site is a big deal─by which I mean refreshed repeatedly, sometimes neurotically.

Dems Lead Handily in Congressional Fundraising

There are few places where money speaks louder than it does in electoral politics. And the latest fundraising numbers highlight a clear advantage for House Democrats, who so far have outraised their Republican counterparts nearly six to one.According to numbers released this morning, the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (the electoral arm for the House GOP) raised $4.3 million in January for House races later this year, a substantial uptick from the $3.2 million it took in during...

Blueprint of a Tea-Party Platform

Tea partiers will be the first to tell you that they don't intend to start a third party. They're angry with Washington and with the behavior of both parties, but the way toward the nation's salvation is to hold current leaders more accountable, not sending new ones to fill the ranks of Congress. "We just don't have enough time to do that," says Joyce Smith, a retiree from Ellijay, Ga.

Has the Tea Party Gone Global?

Probably not. Some of the movement's detractors might argue that it hasn't even gone national in a formidable way. Yet as the debate stirs, there's a bit of surprising news at the national tea-party convention this week in Nashville.

White House Signals Pessimism on Cap and Trade

Numbers abound in the fiscal-year 2011 budget released by the White House this morning. The full package runs just over $3.8 trillion for next year, which includes a 6 percent increase in education spending, an additional $160 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the $300 in tax cuts over the next decade that President Obama foreshadowed in his State of the Union address last week.

Schwarzenegger Has a Meta Moment

It wasn't so long ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the budget-breaking governor of California, used his star power to win the state's top job. He had no experience as a top executive, really, nor as a politician, but everyone knew him as the rock solid man-bot from The Terminator, not to mention the world's first pregnant man in Junior.