Danielle Kogan

Newsweek Fellow

U.S. Open Inspires First Tennis Match in Space

Astronauts were allowed to hit under and over the net and decided that the primary goal was in continuing to get the ball past the net in conditions that lack a gravitational constant.

Cosmonauts Break GoPro During Spacewalk

Astronauts broke a GoPro camera they were to use for a state-funded Russian international television network, saying they "didn't know how to attach" it.

Alaska Airlines Hijacker Called Himself Broken Man

In audio footage released to the public, the man identifies himself as a white person who was unaware that he "had a few screws loose." He is heard asking the controller about a job with Alaska Airlines and said he knew his actions would disappoint his loved ones.

Police Chief's Son, Accused of Beating, Defiant

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar videotaped a statement of her own that was posted after Friday's arraignment and translated into Punjabi. "The behavior we witnessed on the video does not represent who we are as a community," she said.