David A. Kaplan

A Real World Series

HERE COMES THE HOOP-LA ALL OVER again. Watch America's Dream Team III -- the best collection of basketball players ever assembled (since the last Dream Team) -- as they crush the competition and scamper off to the bank with their merchandising haul.

Grand Illusions

EVERY DIRECTOR WANTS HIS ACTORS to look just right, and Jan De Bont's no different. That's why he's up so early this Sundayjust 12 days before his $85 million "Twister" blows into theaters.

The Force Is Still With Him

AT THE GRAND OLD AGE of 52, George Lucas is the Yoda of cinematic special effects. At his magnificent Victorian ranch in the hills of Marin County, Lucas pays little day-to-day attention to his digital empire 14 miles down the road.

Is It A Wonderful Life?

MOST LEGAL revotions are anything but swift. Often, the only thing that moves slower than constitutional law is the judges who administer it. Desegregation, First Amendment freedoms, even the reach of congressional power--all these facts of modern life in the United States took decades of litigation to achieve.

Heavy Hitter

SITTING IN A BOOTH AT BEEF O'Brady's, munching a line-up of cheeseburgers and lemonades, Albert Belle is the picture of contentment. Another day of spring training here in central Florida and someone else is picking up the tab.

Honey, I Lost Your Pontiac

IT'S HARD NOT TO FEEL SYMPATHY FOR Tina Bennis's plight. Eight years ago, Detroit police seized her 1977 Pontiac after they caught her aptly named husband, John, having sex with a prostitute in the front seat.

Sliding And Surviving

Winter drivers know the feeling, especially this flake-filled year. You turn the wheel, you hit the brakes or you swerve to avoid that highway crater-and wheeee!

Nothing But Net

Here's what happens when you're the hottest, coolest, youngest, richest, biggest and hungriest techno-weenie in Silicon Valley. For one thing, the boss wishes you'd stop wearing those khaki shorts to the bigwig computer conferences.

A New Wave Of Films From The Cybercrowd

A decade ago, "Young Sherlock Holmes" represented the state of the art. In it, a stained-glass knight--animated by "Toy Story's" John Lasseter--became the fast-ever computer-generated "synthespian." Then came the slithering pseudopod of "The Abyss" (1989), the metal cyborg of "Terminator 2" (1991), Meryl Streep's twisted head in "Death Becomes Her" (1992), the dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park" (1993), Forrest Gump's meeting with JFK and LBJ (1994) and "Casper" (1995).

High Tech In Toon Town

Hollywood may be full of big babies, but 38-year-old John Lasseter takes pride in being a kid. The animation genius behind "Toy Story" knows more about Bugs, Daffy, Crayolas and Hot Wheels than any preschooler.

Smoke Gets In Cbs's Eye

CRUSADING "60 MINUTES" HAS LONG been fabled for going after the sacred cows and greedy hogs of Washington, Wall Street and the world. But last Friday afternoon, in the show's ninth-floor screening room on Manhattan's West Side, more than 40 staffers gathered to vent their passion inward-at network management.

Disorder In The Court

GET READY TO O.D. ON MORE O.J. THE trial is over, but the recriminations are just beginning. After all the analyses about race and gender, class and wealth, television and excess, California v.

This Court's Not On Tv

Who's leading the real revolt in Washington these days? Sure, Newt Gingrich and his Republican army have been pushing their revolution through Congress. But it's the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court who've really been redrawing the political landscape.

Still Stopping The Press

The judicial censorship of BusinessWeek continues. For the second straight week, federal courts refused to let the magazine publish a story about a lawsuit by Procter & Gamble against Bankers Trust.

Houses Of The Rising Sons

Never Mind That Americans Age narcoleptic over politics. Or that new magazines go down like Peter McNeeley. Never mind even the sky-high cost of paper. Last week two magazines about politics tried to defy the marketplace odds and launched inaugural issues.

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be . . .

Salacious, Titillating, Irresistibly hot? Sure, other editors in this town and around the nation passed up the story. The New York Times--beneath us. New York Newsday--oops, we went belly up two weeks too soon.

Anger And Ambivalence

If it's swift punishment you want, you'll "love the case of Giuseppe Zangara. Back on Feb. 15, 1933, in the middle of Miami, this slightly deranged malcontent pulled a gun on President-elect Franklin Roosevelt and fired repeatedly.

How To Make A Ghost

THE SPECIAL-EFFECTS WIZARDS AT INDUSTRAIL Light & Magic near San Francisco are used to creating dazzling cinematic tricks. From the intergalactic battles in "Star Wars" to the metallic cyborg of "Terminator 2" to the T-rex that ate "Jurassic Park," the 350 artists and tekkies at ILM have revolutionized movies to meet the jaw-dropping expectations of audiences.

The Wrong Woman To Pass Over

ON A SLEEPY 90-ACRE homestead, in the outback of upstate New York, lives the latest pioneer for women's rights in academe. In her 1820 fieldstone farmhouse, Cynthia Fisher sits at the kitchen table, with two Rhodesian Ridgebacks at her feet and some Cranberry Cove tea in the kettle.

Why The Court Needs A Liberal

WITH JUSTICE HARRY BLACKMUN'S retirement, John Paul Stevens will be about the closest thing to a liberal that the Supreme Court has left. But that's a bit like calling Staten Island the nicest place to live in New York City-what are the other choices"' This court has no ideological breadth.

Catch-22 At The High Court

KAFKA, VONNEGUT, HELLER MEET the members of the U.S. Supreme Court. While the justices may be juridical eggheads, every now and then they come up with something far stranger than even the most twisted ironist could imagine.

This Skating Judge Wears A Robe

A FIRST PRINCIPLE OF American jurisprudence holds that judges should not decide more than they absolutely have to. To be honest, that's a doctrine more honored in the breach than on the docket, but judges blessed with common sense and a common touch know when to use it.

Bobbitt Fever

AT THE STATE DEPARTMENT last week, while Bill Clinton launched his first major tour of Europe, the secretaries sat glued to the television. But they weren't following the diplomatic dispatches.

Is It Torture Or Tradition?

IN THE AGE OF ISMS, IT IS A CLASH of titans: Western feminism versus multiculturalism. On the one side, championed by Alice Walker and a prominent newspaper columnist, is the view that women are the sexual equals of men, no longer enslaved to "barbaric" traditions.

Shnook & Shnook

QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM, LATIN is the lifeblood of the law (and what allows otherwise doltish lawyers to sound learned in a courtroom). But today's linguistically lucid litigator may need another lexicon to impress.

A Question Of Separation

FIFTY MILES NORTHWEST of Manhattan, in the quietude of the Catskills, Fresides the most insular of religious communities. The square-mile village of Kiryas Joel is made up almost exclusively of 12,000 Hasidic Jews.