David A. Kaplan

The Finest Or The Fattest?

Proudly displayed on every blue and white squad car of the Chicago police is the motto of the force: "We serve and protect." Maybe it should add "... and chow down." So suggests Alderman William Beavers, who, with the approval of the city council, is trying to make physical fitness an issue in ongoing contract talks with the police union.

Remove That Blue Dot

Hers was the most compelling of courtroom allegations, yet you couldn't see her face and you didn't know her name. On television sets across the nation, it was a remarkable picture of journalistic hypocrisy.

The Trial You Won't See

If daytime television were always this good, "Days of Our Lives" and "Oprah" would be in big trouble. Once again, the magic of the medium allowed Americans to watch a real-life drama undress itself before their very eyes.

Case No. 91-5482 Comes To Trial

It won't be quite as momentous as the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings, but it promises to be just as lurid. After eight months of legal haggling and journalistic theater, this year's Trial of the Century is finally scheduled to begin.

The Bank Robbery Boom

Can there now be any doubt that the '90s will be a decade of retrenchment--an era of smaller sirloins, fewer M.B.A.s and countless "Mr. Ed" remakes? Even in the world of criminal enterprise, it seems there is a return to basics.

An Uncomfortable Seat

Don't be surprised if Clarence Thomas wakes up with the flu on Dec. 11. On that Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case on sexual harassment so it's a good bet the newest justice would rather stay home and tend tulips.

Anatomy Of A Debacle

It pre-empted the game shows, it interrupted weekend plans of foliaging, it transfixed a nation. It was carnal, ugly and surreal. This was the Scandal With Everything--penises, power, intense emotional pain--and millions tuned in.

Where Are The Giants?

Whatever has become of the U.S. Supreme Court-a constitutional landscape once roamed by legends like Story, Holmes, Brandeis, Cardozo? When Bush last week called Clarence Thomas, his court nominee, "The best person" for the job, he obviously was exaggerating.

Good For The Left, Now Good For The Right

Cantankerous, angry and shrewd, his final opinion was a fitting coda to the man and a career. In the 1,188th dissent of his 24 years on the court - a l3-page vivisection of the conservative majority led by Chief Justice William Rehnquist - Thurgood Marshall railed against his colleagues' "far-reaching assault" on the Bill of Rights that would "squander the authority and the legitimacy of this court as a protector of the powerless." The object of Marshall's rage was the court's 6-3 ruling last...

They Want Their Mtv Back

When Sut Jhally turns on MTV, it isn't hip performers singing and dancing to rick music that he notices. Instead, he sees blatant advertisements for albums that use sex to sell their message.

Born Free, Sold Dear

America's premier bear refuge is up for bids because native Alaskans have run out of money Chugging past the glacial peaks, buzzing the rich green meadows below, our Cessna 206 five-seater approaches Karluk Lake.

New Rules On Death Row

The court clamps down on multiple appeals Twice, condemned killer Warren McCleskey has put his life in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court. Now he's a two-time loser.Four years ago McCleskey was the subject of the most important capital case of the 1980s.

Buy Me Into The Ball Game

For $95 million, here's what you get: the newest - and undoubtedly worst - team in baseball, the chance to be called an idiot by every sportscaster in town, and that dreaded phone call from Aunt Roseanne asking to sing the national anthem.

'Live, From San Quentin.'

At the prison by the bay, just across the span of the Golden Gate, this is the way the state administers its final judgment. Early morning in the Death House, a convicted inmate is escorted into a green octagonal chamber and strapped into a chair.

A Moose For All Seasons

Rocky and Bullwinkle are back from oblivion And now, here's something we hope you'll really like!If those magic words rekindle memories of mirth in front of the Philco, then start smirking again: Moose and Squirrel, our heroes from the wittiest cartoon series ever, are finally back.

When Is A Quote Not A Quote?

Justices hear the Malcolm case - as the press hides Who else but writer Janet Malcolm could offer up such a miserable co-nundrum to the always-smug, ever-righteous press: defend the outer limits of the First Amendment or avoid the obloquy of siding with a journalistic pariah?

Did He Kill His Daughter?

For Ramiro de Jesus Rodriguez of Hialeah, Fla., the worst nightmare of all only gets worse. Last Aug. 3, Rodriguez and his wife, Carmen, drove to a nearby market to buy groceries and some medicine for their sick 3-year-old.

Requiem For A Law Firm

By Steven J. Kumble and Kevin J. Lahart. 312 pages. Carroll & Graf $19.95.He was the Saddam Hussein of Wall Street lawyers--fomenting instability and insurrection among the nation's best hired guns.

A Master Builder

It was one of those exquisite accidents I that shape history. In May 1956, U.S. I Attorney General Herbert Brownell assembled a conference on court congestion.

A Boss Deep In His Own Dirt

Please judge me on my record in the past," George Steinbrenner III said last week, seeking to explain his value to baseball. Could he be joking? The record is precisely why the beleaguered Yankees owner now stands on the brink of banishment from the game.