David A. Kaplan

Persecution Or Prosecution?

It's as if the court case of Marion Barry were occurring in parallel universes. In one realm, the mayor of Washington is legitimately on trial for repeatedly using cocaine and lying about it--the prosecutor's coup de grace being the notorious videotape showing Barry smoking a crack pipe in a hotel room.

The Family Vs. The State

The Supreme Court has never been shy about confronting divisive social issues, even those affecting the most intimate human relations. But last week, as it concluded another term, the court came out with decisions that took it into uncharted terrain: the role of the family in making tragic life-and-death choices and government's ability to intrude in that personal realm.

Campaigning For The High Court

What makes Jackie run? The dream of getting her husband, Roger Miner, on the U.S. Supreme Court. In early 1980, he was just a local trial judge in upstate New York; she was an influential Republican operative lucky enough to pick the right horse in the presidential race, serving as Ronald Reagan's state vice chairman.

The Best Defense Isn't Free

What Manuel Antonio Noriega Continues to learn about the strange ways of American justice! First, the United States Army swooped down on his Panama last December, guns ablazing, and spirited him away to a Miami jail cell.