TV: HBO's 'Drab' John Adams

In many costume dramas, clothes can make the film, or break it. HBO's miniseries 'John Adams' is the exception. It's fab even when it looks drab.

There Will Be Oscars

At least we think there will be, which is why we collected these likely acting nominees for our 11th Oscar roundtable. They're a lot of fun, and they've got lots to say. Best of all: they didn't need writers.

A Visit to ‘The Orphanage’

I used to love horror movies, but now I tend to dread screen dread. It's not that I've grown too old and jaded to be scared—nobody outgrows fear—but the new breed of horror movies, pitched almost exclusively at young male moviegoers, are more interested in sensationalism than insinuation. Movies like the "Saw" series and the "Hostel" franchise frighten by assault. Crushingly literal-minded, they leave little to the imagination—where the most resonant terrors incubate—and they've driven away a lot of horror-loving adults. But don't we need and deserve a good fright, too? A little terror, properly applied, is a kind of exorcism, yanking into daylight those primal demons that we stuff away in the back drawers of our psyches. A great horror movie is like a good shrink—and a lot cheaper, too. It purges us through petrification.That horror movie, thankfully, has arrived. It's called "The Orphanage," and it is seriously scary. This little Spanish ghost movie—made by a gifted young...