David Frum

David Frum on the Rhetoric of Iraq

When the Bush administration decided to go to war in 2003, David Frum found himself at the center of a daunting messaging effort. In Newsweek, he looks back on Bush's 'axis of evil' speech and more.

Mystery Man

After 100 years, why are we still so confused by Woodrow Wilson?

They Coulda Been Great

A Presidents' Day toast to three commanders in chief whose time ran out too soon.

Get the Old Off the Road

They're the worst drivers—and we're too scared to tell them so. If we don't push back, they'll steal our benefits and bankrupt the country.

What Obama Can Learn from LBJ

The latest volume of Robert Caro's biography charts LBJ's transformation into a leader who wielded ruthless power. By David Frum.

Rush to the Bottom

Huckabee's about to take the mike. Can he push Limbaugh off the talk-radio throne?

Sarah Palin's Revenge

She rose fast, flamed out—then got mad. David Frum on HBO's 'Game Change'—and how Sarah Palin stirred a revolt against Obama's America.

How The Neocons Can Save America

Neoconservatism: can there be a label more reviled? Condemned abroad, blamed for Iraq and Katrina, neoconservatism would seem dead and buried.But not only will neoconservatism return, it remains the best hope for balanced two-party democracy in the United States.The American right that has emerged since 2008, of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, is a movement of cultural protest.

Why Rush is Wrong

The party of Buckley and Reagan is now bereft and dominated by the politics of Limbaugh. A conservative's lament.

Where Bush Was Right

Both candidates ran against him. But on a few issues they'd do well to follow W.