David G. Victor

China Is Becoming a Green Leader

Back in the 1990s, when diplomats were designing the Kyoto treaty on global warming, they exempted China from any requirement to control emissions. The country was too poor, the thinking went, and had many more urgent priorities to tend to.

U.S. Now the World's Climate Laggard

The hardest thing about being Barack Obama may be handling the high expectations of voters and world leaders. The gap between fantasies of Obama fixing all the world's problems and the reality of American politics is particularly wide on global warming.

Asia's Achilles Heel

As China and India lose control of their economies, they are failing to provide reliable power to their citizens. How will they manage to curb carbon emissions? 

Global Warming: Hot Air Is Not Enough

President George W. Bush averted a nasty rift when he agreed in the final hours of the recent G8 summit to "consider seriously" the need to halve the world's emissions of global-warming gases by 2050.