David J. Jefferson

How AIDS Changed America

The plague years: It brought out the worst in us at first, but ultimately it brought out the best, and transformed the nation. The story of a disease that left an indelible mark on our history, our culture and our souls.


Q&A: Cate BlanchettShe arrived with "Elizabeth," and now Cate Blanchett is tackling Katharine Hepburn in Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator." The Oscar nominee spoke with a fellow Aussie, NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.How fabulous a time did you have wearing Hepburn's wardrobe?


Q&A: Jennifer CoolidgeJennifer Coolidge has made a scene-stealing career playing the coquette in "Best in Show" and the hot mom in "American Pie." She turns up in the Hilary Duff movie "A Cinderella Story." She spoke to NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.You play a mean floozy in "A Cinderella Story."Yeah, sort of a mean, gold-digging, extremely self-centered plastic-surgery fanatic.Is the floozy character based on anyone?I used to baby-sit in Beverly Hills for these surgically sculptured women.


A key element in a pixar film is the sometimes contentious but ultimately triumphant bond between two great friends. Buzz and Woody. Sulley and Mike. Marlin and Dory.

Good As Gold

Every year, as Oscar season comes to a boil, NEWSWEEK invites leading contenders in some category or other to sit around a table and see if they hate each other.


There were months of fulminations about how Winona Ryder was the victim of a celebrity witch hunt--most of it from her lawyer, Mark Geragos. There were days of intense scrutiny of the cool Marc Jacobs outfits she wore to court.

The Surging Price Of Power

Forget "Gladiator." in Hollywood last week, the smart money was riding on The Long Hot Summer. As the threat of blackouts once again became reality, stylists who'd gathered at the swanky L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills to primp celebrities for Sunday's festivities were suddenly faced with the unthinkable: what if we have to make up Catherine Zeta-Jones in the dark? "You have to have a hair strategy," said publicist Ted Kruckel, whose recommended contingency look was an "all towel-dry, very...

Searching The Depths

Heads bowed, they lined up before the cameras, putting faces on a trans-Pacific tragedy. One grief-stricken man, whose 17-year-old son, Yusuke Terata, was among the nine missing aboard the sunken training vessel Ehime Maru, told a news conference at the University of Hawaii last Friday: "My son wanted world peace.