The School For Scandal

For generations, one of the attractions of New Hampshire's Phillips Exeter Academy has been the intimate learning environment, with no more than a dozen students in most classes.

What's An A Student Worth?

Guido Mase of Kansas City is a college admissions officer's dream. A National Merit Finalist. Combined SAT score of 1470, out of a possible 1600. At school, he worked on the newspaper and literary magazine; he also worked at the Y helping children.

One Small Step For Bigger Kids

For Kathy Granger and her daughter, Erin, a trip to the mall used to be worse than a visit to the dentist. Erin, now 8 years old and nearly 130 pounds, had outgrown the clothes in the children's department, and junior and adult sizes didn't fit her shorter frame. "Almost everything had to be altered or hemmed," says Granger. "It was a constant battle." Then Granger discovered Kids At Large, a Norwood, Mass.-based mail-order company that makes stylish clothes exclusively for large-size boys and...

Bad Times At Hangover U.

Marty woke up at 5 a.m. when the nurse slapped him in the face. It had been a long night: the party started with beer and graduated to Russian vodka. Marty downed shot after shot until he vomited on someone's leg.

Swapping Debt For Knowledge

It's hard to conceive of any good coming of the $1.3 trillion that less developed nations owe to foreign banks and other lenders. The interest payments alone stifle the impoverished countries' economics and, with virtually no foreign exchange, most debtors haven't a prayer of meeting payments on the principal.