Devin Gordon

Arts Extra: Midnight Cowboy

In the world of television, we're in the midst of midseason-replacements month. It's a time when the major networks cut the dead weight in their programming lineups and try out a few new shows that weren't ready in time for the fall schedule.

A Close-Up Before Dying

Meet dawn, our reigning champion. She is dropping by the house of one of her opponents, a religious 57-year-old nurse named Connie. The two have never met and Dawn, late 20s, single, eight months pregnant, has decided it's time to introduce herself.

C'mon And Feel Free 2 Be Dmb

Fans of the Dave Matthews Band, like me, hated doing the "Hokey Pokey" as kids. We were graceless creatures, and we'd rather have died than shake it all around.

Hunting Oscar, Raking Cash: A Martial-Arts Monste

Back in November, one month before "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" began its steady blaze across the country, Sony Pictures Classics president Tom Bernard waxed optimistic about the film's prospects. "If everything breaks right," he said, "we'll be north of $50 million [at the box office] and we'll win the Oscar for best picture.

The War On Drugs Goes To The Air

Anybody who's turned on a television in the past 14 years has seen the work of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Remember these? A girl jackknifes off a diving board into an empty pool.

'Traffic's' Top Cop Feels The Heat

Benicio del Toro is so cool he even knows how to catch a fly the right way. Resting his unlit Marlboro on a table in Manhattan's Mercer Hotel lobby, the "Traffic" star demonstrates: proper form is backhanded and quick, like the Karate Kid doing wax-on, wax-off.

Climbing Up The Ladder

For a guy who moments ago had a tiny camera jammed up his nose and down his throat, David Gray sure is in a cheerful mood. It's early afternoon at "Saturday Night Live's" Manhattan studios, and this week's musical guest, the 32-year-old English folk troubadour, has just bounded in from a trip to the doctor's office.

It's The Year Of The Dragon

The man in the white baseball cap is getting anxious. "Tickets?" he hollers over the throng of people. "Anybody selling tickets?" It's Saturday evening in October, and the first pitch of the Subway Series is just a few moments off.

Mind Your Own Mascot

Life in our schools and communities would go so much more smoothly if we all followed one golden rule: never mess with another man's mascot. Particularly if that mascot is an Indian, a Chief, a Redskin, an Aztec or any other homage to Native Americans.

To Hell And Back--Twice

The race begins with a one-mile ocean swim off the coast of Maui. Piece of cake. But everything changes when you get to the bike: 18 killer miles, almost entirely off-road.

Laughing Until It Hurts

For some people, there is nothing funnier in this world than the sight of a man getting hoofed in the privates. Among such people--and no matter how sophisticated you may be, you are probably, secretly, one of them--Johnny Knoxville is your new king.

Diving In

48 Years Round The Track In 1952 John Lucas failed to qualify for the U.S. team in the 10,000-meter run. But that hasn't stopped him from running at every Olympics (except Moscow) since then.


Go North, Young Man It was his first big adult decision, and Prince William showed he's his own man. Instead of Oxford or Cambridge (Dad's alma mater), the royal hunk will head for St.

Loud And Everclear

Art Alexakis is getting this rock-star thing all wrong. For starters, he's a morning person. "Ever since my daughter was born"--that was eight years ago--"I just can't sleep past six," says the Everclear front man at 8 a.m.

The X-Men Cometh

Cyberfan Devil0509 is so angry he could scream. The source of his ire: a nanosecond snippet from a preview for this Friday's "X-Men" movie. In it, a good-guy mutant named Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is holding a man at bay with some nasty-looking claws. (They come out whenever he gets mad; Wolverine is always mad.) "Wait wait wait," Mr. 0509 writes. "He's got two claws straddling a guy's NECK?

Stifler Goes On A 'Road Trip'

A few months ago Seann William Scott was walking in Los Angeles when a complete stranger ran up to him and called him a "f---face," then told him he should get his "balls reattached." Scott, understandably, was delighted. "I just thought to myself, 'This is the greatest thing ever'." Turns out the guy was just quoting Scott's work in the hit comedy "American Pie." His character, Stifler, was a monumental jackass, the kind of kid we all knew and wished would suffer some grand humiliation--like,...

The Iron Woman

First she got hit by a shattered storm window, which sliced her hamstring in half. A year later, it was an 18-wheeler truck. That one nearly killed her. Then last November she flipped over a fallen biker in the season's final triathlon and broke her collarbone.

A Powerful Media Buzz

Architecture fans adore the landmark Starrett-Lehigh Building's distinctive skyscraper-turned-on-its-side look. And with cheap offices the size of gyms, it has become the address of choice for hot New York Internet start-ups, including a Martha Stewart Web operation.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Bill Kung, 25, and Chad Smolinski, 23, aren't millionaires yet--and basically it's Oregon's fault. But they're great examples of how losers in the new digital world can quickly become winners.Back in January the pair were two weeks away from launching their first Web start-up: a trading platform like eBay, where users would buy and sell used items like CDs and books.

Britain Through Bohemian Eyes

In his 12 novels, collectively known as "A Dance to the Music of Time," Anthony Powell, who died last week at 94, brilliantly portrayed upper-class and bohemian England in the first half of the last century.

Cochran Comes To The Rescue

Can celebrity criminal defense attorney Johnnie Cochran pull off an O.J.-style upset in Lagos? This week Cochran will observe a key pretrial hearing for Mohammed Abacha, eldest son of the late Nigerian military dictator Sani Abacha, and issue a set of findings to foreign diplomats, the United Nations, human-rights groups and others.The younger Abacha, who allegedly manages the family's assets, is charged in the 1996 murder of Kudirat Abiola, a pro-democracy activist who was married to Abacha's...

Desk Jockeys Of The World, Unite!

While work has changed dramatically, the workplace hasn't. It's still cubicle, sweet cubicle, for the masses. Recent research suggests these changes: 1.

Census And Sensibility

Responding to voters' concerns, some Republicans (including G. W. Bush) have complained that the new Census is a tad nosy. Should you cooperate with the big count?

Why Won't Powell Go For Veep?

Retired general Colin Powell has ruled out joining George W's ticket. but he's left open the door for an appointment (secretary of State?) from a president-elect.

Playing The Waiting Game With A Natural Disaster

Minnesota might soon have a bonfire for the ages on its hands. The combined effects of a July 4, 1999, windstorm that leveled 140,000 acres of trees and the dry winter after it have turned a 1,000-square-mile patch of the state's Boundary Waters Canoe Area into a giant tinderbox.

Backlash Against The Deal

New England's gun valley hasn't seen a rebellion like this since the Revolution. Now that Smith & Wesson, king of the handgun world, has signed a deal with the White House, some of its most loyal followers are rising up--and it could cost the company millions.

The Politics Of March Madness

Bipartisanship is rare on the House floor, but it's the name of the game on the floor of the House gym. Members of Congress are in the midst of a top-secret two-on-two basketball tournament: 12 teams, double elimination--two losses and you're out--and each team must have a Republican and a Democrat.

Doughnuts: The Long Road To Respect

I don't think I've ever had a bad doughnut." Homer Simpson? Try Thomas Keller, chef extraordinaire of the Napa Valley's legendary French Laundry. With the sweet treat gracing his and other high-end dessert menus, doughnuts have finally reached their golden age.

The Case For Saint Dorothy

She was a Greenwich Village radical in the 1920s, friend to leftists like John Reed and drinking buddy to writers like John Dos Passos. By the age of 30, she had had an abortion, been divorced and borne another lover's child.

Safety Concerns

In the wake of the January crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which killed 88 people, the Federal Aviation Administration is launching a thorough inspection of the company.