Queen For A Day

Last Tuesday's episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" made this gay-straight alliance cry --twice. The first time came minutes into Jersey City urban cowboy John B.'s makeover (mission: help him propose to his girlfriend) when the Fab Five's clothing expert, Carson Kressley, rifled through his closet and pulled out a particularly gruesome button-down shirt. "Where did you buy this?" Kressley asked.


Between takes at the shrieking shack--a ghoulish, precariously quaking house on the fringes of the wizard village Hogsmeade--actor Daniel Radcliffe fiddles with his magic wand.

Do You Know This Man? Need A Clue?

Steve Burns knows why you're here, and it's OK. In fact, he agrees with you. This is weird. For six years Burns was sort of famous. He signed autographs and kissed screaming babies.

The Problem With Fx

Three years ago, for the first time in his career, Ang Lee directed a film that included the use of visual effects. It wasn't groundbreaking stuff. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," as everyone knows by now, was a kung-fu fantasy in which actors sailed through the air with the aid of wires--a familiar technique in Asian cinema known as "wire fu."Lee's execution of wire fu was solid but not remarkable.

Suddenly, 'Family Guy'

For ten years, the late-night TV battle has raged between Jay Leno and David Letterman, but at the moment, both of them are getting whipped by a toy-factory worker from Rhode Island named Peter Griffin. (You didn't think we meant Jimmy Kimmel, did you?) Griffin is the star of "The Family Guy," an animated series that lasted just 49 episodes on Fox but has been reborn as a cult hit on Cartoon Network.

The Knives Are Out

Mark Burnett has fallen in love, and the object of his affection is an enormous Italian man in a velour sweat suit. It's opening night at Rocco's, the new Manhattan eatery where the "Survivor" creator is staging his latest reality-TV venture, "The Restaurant," and 12 people, including Burnett, are mashed into a tiny control room just off the main floor.

Advertising: For Want Of A Nail, The Car Commerci

It begins with a metal cog rolling down a plank, which nudges a second cog, then a third, which tumbles off the plank, then knocks loose a giant bolt, which clips the end of a pipe, which rotates and plinks a series of screws...

Movies: A Real (No) Sleeper Hit

A virus that infects carriers with murderous rage has been unleashed on England. In a matter of weeks, all that's left is a tiny population of sickies and a few fight-to-the-death normal folk.

Forget The Real Thing

Painting a tree with CGI (computer-generated images) is easy. But a full character in a live-action film? Very hard. A history:Tron (1982) The Disney cult classic was the first movie with CG effects.

Anger Management

What on earth is Ang Lee so worried about? The Oscar-winning director of the martial-arts fantasy "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is leaning against a wall outside his office at the Marin County, Calif., visual-effects factory Industrial Light & Magic, his right hand pressed flat against his cheek, as if he has a toothache.

Television: Down To The Wire

From the perspective of HBO, it's hard to imagine there could be a downside to the endless stream of praise the cable network has received for its fabulous slate of original series.

A New Life For The Monsters Of Rock

On the day in September 2001 that James Hetfield was released from rehab for alcohol abuse, the Metallica singer spoke on the phone with drummer Lars Ulrich, who'd helped him launch the band 20 years before.

How A Rank Beginner Captured The Friedmans

Andrew Jarecki just wanted to do a nice little documentary about clowns. He'd made a fortune selling Moviefone, the company he founded, to AOL in 1999, decided to try filmmaking and thought he'd cut his teeth on something easy.

Going From A To B? You Need Cds.

With music, environment matters. Just like most of us sound better in the shower, some great albums must be heard on a highway for peak effect. Don't ever hit the road without these 10 CDs:The Rolling Stones, 'Exile on Main Street' The best road-trip CD of all time, period.

Deconstructing 'Reloaded'

Now that "The Matrix Reloaded" has been in theaters for a full week, we can put to rest the two least interesting debates about the new movie. Debate No. 1: Will it break the box office record for biggest opening weekend ever?

The Dearly Departing

At the official "Dawson's Creek" chat room on the Web, under a string of posts titled "get a clue people, pacey is WAY better for joey," the gloves are coming off.

How To Build A Ballclub

The first time that Brant Colamarino, a 23-year-old first baseman from the University of Pittsburgh, took off his shirt in an Oakland Athletics minor- league clubhouse, he flashed something that would've made the other 29 franchises in major-league baseball happy that they'd never even considered drafting him.

Q&Amp;A: The Matrix Look

You know you're working on a seriously big movie when filming goes on long enough for one of the crew members to give birth twice.Between the start of preliminary work on the "Matrix" sequels in early 2000 and the completion of principle photography in August 2002, costume designer Kym Barrett delivered two children--as well as several hundred outfits for use in "Reloaded" and "Revolutions." Her chosen style for the films--sleek, elegant, timeless--has become one of fans' most cherished aspects...

Q&Amp;A: 'There Were No Easy Shots'

The writing and directing team behind "The Matrix," Larry and Andy Wachowski, have made four films in their short career--and Bill Pope has served as their cinematographer on every one of them.


Make MP3s, Not WarIf you were be-ginning to think Sheryl Crow's no war guitar strap was the only peep of protest from today's pop stars, take heart: they are taking a stand--in cyberspace.

Remembering Ken Auchincloss

From the other end of the telephone line, it sounded like a party was raging at Ken Auchincloss's home on Tuesday night. I could hear laughter and loud voices.The scotch was flowing--Macallan, one of his favorites--and cigars were turning to ash.

Survivor: Kandahar

The moment in "Profiles From the Front Lines"--ABC's new reality show about U.S. forces in Afghanistan--when I realized I wasn't cut out for combat was the moment in which members of the 82nd Airborne Division board their flight from Fort Bragg, N.C., to Kandahar.

Mother Superior

Frances Conroy's house in Los Angeles has become known throughout the local cat community as the place to go when you're down on your luck. Tom, a striking black tomcat, wandered over eight months ago, starving. "He was just this bony little thing running through the yard," says the 49-year-old star of HBO's hit drama series "Six Feet Under." "It was so depressing.

All-Too-True Love

The best movie of the last 20 years about young people in love is 1989's "Say Anything... ," and even that one blows it in the end. Lloyd and Diane board a plane together and move to England, where they...

Abe Lincoln, Teen Geek

Life at Clone High wouldn't be so bad for 16-year-old Abraham Lincoln if JFK, the captain of the football team, wasn't always bullying him with that silly Boston accent.

Where Credit Is Due

I hated "Spider-Man." The cornball script, the lame special effects, Willem Dafoe--all of it. What irked me the most about "Spider-Man," though, was how much everyone else seemed to love it.Ordinarily, I'D stick to my guns.