Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg: 'God Doesn't Have A Political Party'

"I think anybody who steps into the public sphere needs to make it clear that they are here to support people of any religion and people of no religion. But I also think we ought to be honest about...
Donald McGahn

McGahn Subpoenaed By House Democrats

"Mr. McGahn is a critical witness to many of the alleged instances of obstruction of justice and other misconduct described in the Mueller report. His testimony will help shed further light on the...
Illhan Omar

Omar Says Threats on Her Life Have Increased

The Minnesota representative said she has seen an increase in death threats since President Donald Trump's tweet on Friday of a video that showed her speaking and images of the burning World Trade...
Donald Trump

Trump Denies He Offered to Pardon CBP Head

"I never offered Pardons to Homeland Security Officials, never ordered anyone to close our Southern Border (although I have the absolute right to do so, and may if Mexico does not apprehend the...
Donald Trump

Democrats React To Trump's 9/11 Video Tweet

The tweet, posted by Trump at 5:35 ET, featured a video of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar speaking to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in March. Omar's comments are followed by images of...
Ground beef

Ground Beef Tied To E.coli Outbreak, CDC Says

"Ill people bought or ate ground beef from several different grocery stores and restaurants. Many ill people bought large trays or chubs of ground beef from grocery stores and used the meat to make...
Donald Trump

Trump: "Our Country Is Full"

"Mexico must apprehend all illegals and not let them make the long march up to the United States, or we will have no other choice than to Close the Border and/or institute Tariffs. Our Country is...
darius hinkle

Nurses Bail Out Father Of Child They Treated

"I was looking, like I didn’t know who it was. And when I looked out the door to see who it was, she spoke, and she says, ‘I’m the nurse from Touchette Hospital,'" the child's mother said.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Pirro, Fox News

"Understand when Jeanine Pirro goes on Fox + rallies people to think hijabs are threatening, it leads to this. Folks who imply we’re “bad” for politics, the party, the country, etc. have no idea...
Sean Hannity

Hannity Claims Journalism Is Dead

"The media doesn't hold them accountable — the Democrats — like they do Republicans. They're all on the same side and they'll let it slide."