Eleanor Clift

An Uncensored Candidate

Steve Lonegan is a very conservative politician in a pretty liberal state, but at least you can't accuse him of pandering.

Moderate or Loyalist?

Shelley Moore Capito is likely to be the next senator from West Virginia—if her own party doesn't get in the way.

Senator Oddball

The unpredictable Tom Coburn surprises Washington yet again.

Family Ties

Michelle Nunn wants to end the Democrats' losing streak in Georgia and win back her father's Senate seat.

Has Mitch Met his Match?

Alison Grimes will try to evict one of Washington's most powerful Republicans from the Senate.

Mad Men's Inglorious Past

Did they really smoke that much? A Newsweek secretary-turned-Washington correspondent says the on-screen sexism, drinking, and smoking capture the office culture of the early '60s.

Persons of Interest

The deficit continues to climb. Obama ignored the two men who tried to stop it.

The Obama of Old Returns

In Tucson the president dropped his sober-professor mien, going back to his "One America" theme to deliver a speech that was among the best he's ever given.

The Gabrielle Giffords I Know

As the Arizona congresswoman fights for survival after being shot in the head, Eleanor Clift recalls her comments a week ago—on nasty rhetoric and what it takes to be in Congress today.

David Axelrod on the 2012 Campaign

Obama's top strategist is moving back to Chicago to prepare for 2012. He talks about mistakes made, the GOP presidential field, and why "hope" and "change" are still good themes.

The 'Former Member' Club

This is the time of year when Congress is in transition and defeated politicians get together to reflect on what went wrong and to share their pain across party lines. "There's a new definition of bipartisanship in Washington. It's called former member," said Texas Rep. Chet Edwards.

How Obama Can Fill in the Blanks

President Obama's compromise with the GOP on tax cuts reflects his ability to adapt to new situations. Now he just needs to inspire the American public.

Why Obama Needs to Reclaim His Convictions

This is one of those campaignlike moments when Obama can rescue his presidency by being resolute and delivering a clear economic message that puts the opposition on notice that he's not a pushover.

The Problem With the Cult of Obama

Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama hasn't yet experienced a political loss that taught him how to reinvent himself. He needs to surround himself with advisers who will challenge his world view.

The Next Nancy Pelosi?

As the Democratic caucus convened this week in D.C., California freshman Representative-elect Karen Bass was preparing to leave behind one budget mess and take on an even bigger one.

Campaign to Stamp Out Childhood Hunger

It's all the rage in Washington, the search for common ground, and if there's one thing everybody agrees with, it's that children shouldn't go hungry in America.

Whitman, Fiorina, and McMahon's Self-Financed Flops?

People who have been successful in business don't think they should have to pay their dues in politics, but knowing how to talk to voters and make them feel important is a learned skill. Women are supposed to be better at building consensus, so the expectations are higher for them to connect on the campaign trail.