Elise Soukup

The 'Last Leaf' Falls With Grace

For 12 years, Hinckley served as the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was revered by its members as a prophet of God. Though he hated to travel, he visited people and leaders in more than 60 countries, helping church membership swell from roughly 9 million members in 1995 to 13 million today.

Louisiana: Calling All (Absentee) Voters

New Orleans voters may be gone, but they haven't been forgotten. Louisiana Secretary of State Al Ater will ask the state for $1.5 million this week, so he can send some 1 million mailers to displaced voters, explaining how to request an absentee ballot and alerting them to an 800 number they can call for assistance.He's not the only one taking up the cause.

The Mormon Odyssey

A young man's vision gave rise to the Mormon Church. Joseph Smith founded a booming faith that's confronting its past as it looks to the future.

Book: Picture Perfect

It costs $50 to $90 to FedEx a sketchbook from New York to Northern Ireland, depending on the size. That's one of many lessons Mac Premo, a Brooklyn artist, learned when he embarked on "book," a project in which he and three buddies--one in Brooklyn, two in Belfast--became "paint pals" by passing around an ever-expanding sketchbook for 36 weeks.

Free: Slackers' Delight

Adam Howell lacks self-control, but at least he's responsible about it. The Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Web designer was trying to start up a new online business, but he couldn't stop himself from wasting time at other sites (free Flash games at orisinal.com were particularly distracting).


L. PATRICK GRAY III, 88 Gray, who became acting director of the FBI just weeks after the Watergate break-in, was twice shocked by men he trusted: by President Richard Nixon, who resigned because of the scandal, and by FBI Deputy Director W.

Weddings: Here Come The Brides

Amy Miller, a New York-based pharmaceutical rep, is getting married in January. Twice. Once on Jan. 5 in Mexico and once on Jan. 21 in New York. "The first one's for us," she explains. "The second one's to appease everybody else."That's a lot of stress.

Authors on the Line

They don't have the star power of Madonna or P. Diddy, but thanks to "Operation Ohio," that won't stop the literary elite from doing their part to get young voters to the polls.


Rob Lacey doesn't sound like your typical Bible translator. "There are bits of the Bible that I don't actually like," he says. "Leviticus, for example. I have to just try to be respectful of the fact that that book needs to even exist." So it's no surprise that the Welsh actor's translation isn't your typical Good Book, either.

Surveys: Doggone It!

Leave the matter of who's going to win in November to other media outlets. PERI brings you the polls that really matter: 25% of singles say they'd volunteer for a campaign to meet someone of the opposite sex (Match.com).


And you think it's hard for you to find jeans. Sisters Jennifer Caputo and Rebecca Caputo Carreras are both 6 feet tall. And thin. So the "big-and-tall" label just doesn't apply. "For a while, we wore a lot of men's jeans," says Caputo. "The grunge era was a good one for us." Discouraged by the lack of fashionable offerings, Caputo and Carreras--an actress and model--last year launched Tall Couture, an online boutique stocked with clothes that not only fit, but that they would feel proud to...


GLORIA EMERSON, 75She was hired at The New York Times in 1957 to write about clothes and shoes. But Emerson, a Parkinson's sufferer who died last week of an apparent suicide, knew from the start that she wanted to move beyond so-called women's news.