Fareed Zakaria

Why The War Was Right

So, what do you think about it now?" it's a question I've been asked repeatedly over the past few weeks. The "it," of course, refers to the Iraq war. The war against Saddam may be over (mostly) on the banks of the Euphrates, but it's being refought on the banks of the Potomac and the Thames, indeed across much of the world.

Japan Is Back (No, Really!)

Have you wondered whether anything's been happening in the world beyond Iraq? With America--and many others--fixated on the ups and downs of the security situation, the search for weapons, the machinations in the U.N.

Here's A Bet For Mr. Rumsfeld

When it comes to Iraq, the Bush administration's attitude toward the world seems strangely self-defeating. Even though America's armed forces are strained beyond their limits, the bill for reconstruction is astronomical and a naked occupation is likely to produce anti-American feelings, Washington still is not much interested in genuine internationalization.

And Now, Global Booby Prizes

If there were a booby prize for statesmanship, this year's would go to Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil, whose government, more than any other, was responsible for wrecking the Cancun trade talks.

America's New World Disorder

Since September 11th, the world has speeded up. The once glacial pace of international affairs--symbolized by the never-ending U.S.-Soviet arms negotiations--has been replaced by constant turmoil.

Still Time To Avoid Failure

Last Friday's bomb blast in the Shiite holy city of Najaf, presumably by Baathist terrorists, might mark the beginning of internal violence among various groups in Iraqi society.

What We Should Do Now

Washington's Plan A Clearly Isn't Working. The Fighting Is Far From Over In Iraq. But There's No Walking Away. The Administration Needs To Have A Clear, Long-Term Commitment, The Backing Of The United Nations And More Than A Little Help From Its Friends.

Suicide Bombers Can Be Stopped

It's relatively easy to understand why someone kills another human being. Human beings have done it forever--in war and in peace. It is far more difficult to fathom why someone would kill himself--or herself.

Take The Lead In Liberia

What To Do After The Fighting Stops Is Always The Problem. In Liberia, As In So Many Places, Holding Elections Has Not Been A Panacea

Beware The Puppet Masters

All Those Groups And Leaders Who Lived Through Saddam Hussein's Reign Cannot Be Pleased To See The Exiles Being Foisted Atop The Country

Iraq Policy Is Broken. Fix It.

BY FAREED ZAKARIA We're utterly surprised," a senior U.N. diplomat told me. "We thought that after the war, the United States would try to dump Iraq on the world's lap and the rest of the world would object, saying, 'This is your mess, you clean it up.' The opposite is happening.

Needed: An Army Of Builders

Charles Taylor, the indicted war criminal who runs Liberia, was glad that George W. Bush was in the White House. "We've listened to statements made by President Bush," he explained to a NEWSWEEK reporter in 2001, "that America is not just going to go around the world banging every little country saying, 'This is the way we do it--do it [this way]'." Taylor's own special way has been to plunge his country into civil war, destabilize his neighbors, support groups that commit blood-curdling war...

The Smartest Monkey Ever

Every time I have visited Britain in recent years, things have seemed the same in at least one respect. Of the 20 major newspapers, 19 are loudly proclaiming that Tony Blair is a complete idiot and that his reign is on the verge of coming to an ignominious end.

How To Make Friends In Iraq

The news out of Iraq sounds grim--killings, chaos, instability. But these problems are likely to be temporary. As the Pentagon reverses course and admits to the reality of a long occupation, the Baathist resistance that is currently on the front pages will be defeated.

Exaggerating The Threats

It is too early to conclude that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. A little history might provide perspective. Since 1991, United Nations weapons inspectors found and destroyed the following in Iraq: a supergun; 48 Scud missiles; 40,000 chemical munitions; 500,000 liters of chemical-weapons agents; 1.8 million liters of precursor chemicals, and large quantities of equipment related to biological warfare.Still, inspectors were sure that large quantities of weapons remained missing.

Sideline Arafat, Boost Abbas

If nothing else, this week's Middle East summits will produce a great many photographs of smiling leaders. But to understand how long and hard the road to peace is, consider the photograph that you have not seen.

Giving Peace A Real Chance

Why is an administration that was so bold, ambitious and clearheaded about waging war so hapless, diffident and error-prone when it comes to waging peace?

Now, Saudis See The Enemy

Last week's attacks in Saudi Arabia and Morocco show two contradictory things about Al Qaeda. It remains strong enough to launch serious operations. Yet since September 11, 2001, it has not been able to hit a single military, governmental or symbolic target anywhere in the world.

How To Wage War

As American armies were sweeping through Iraq last week, the 101st Airborne Division went into the city of Najaf in the south, the heartland of Shiite Islam.

They Fought For Stalin, Too

Predictions during war are a dangerous business. Still, I feel safe making one: don't bet against the United States. For more than a hundred years people have done so at their peril--from Kaiser Wilhelm to Hitler to the Serbs to Saddam Hussein in 1991.

Books: The Middle East

Having a hard time making sense of the war? The names, the places, the millenniums of relevant social and political history. NEWSWEEK's Fareed Zakaria, who just authored "The Future of Freedom," gives us an essential reading list--the five best books for understanding the Middle East.The Savage Wars of Peace by Max Boot.

Prizes For Bad Diplomacy

The score-settling has begun. Oh, I don't mean between the Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and Turkmen. The war is going well and these problems have not surfaced--yet.

The Arrogant Empire

America's Unprecedented Power Scares The World, And The Bush Administration Has Only Made It Worse. How We Got Here--And What We Can Do About It Now.

Time For China To Step Up

The Bush administration continues to insist that developments in North Korea do not constitute a crisis. Well, here's how things stand. North Korea has announced that it will restart its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, which would mean the ongoing production of plutonium, the key ingredient in a nuclear bomb.

This Isn't About Iraq Anymore

In the fall of 1993 an Australian writer, Owen Harries, published an essay in Foreign Affairs magazine in which he prophesied "the collapse of the West." The West, he explained, has existed for centuries as a cultural concept.

A Dangerous Trust Deficit

"We can't do an Adlai Stevenson," admitted an administration official about Colin Powell's upcoming speech to the U.N. Security Council. What he meant was that the administration did not have the smoking gun that Stevenson had when he presented the Council with images of Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962.

Looking On The Bright Side

Yesterday, a discussion on the meaning of love turned--as did every discussion at Davos this year--to one subject, America and Iraq. Most European and Middle Eastern participants at the conference think a war with Iraq would be a disaster.

Interview: 'War Solves Nothing'

For much of his career, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has enjoyed poking a finger in the eye of the West, pitching himself as a spokesman for the world's smaller nations.

It's Time To Talk To The World

The prospects of war are rising and so is opposition to it. The American president and British prime minister stand fast, but everywhere else there is nervousness.

Sweet Peas For North Korea

While it appears divided and confused as to how to deal with North Korea in the short term, the Bush administration is sending out some signals about a possible relationship with Pyongyang in the long term.