Frank Donatelli

The Electoral College Will Not Save the GOP

Since 1988, Republicans have won exactly one popular vote majority in the last seven national elections. But they're still doubling down on a strategy that might become anachronistic as early as this November.

Can the GOP 'Change the Conversation'?

The Republicans don't like what most voters are talking about these days—COVID, racism and the economic crisis—and the RNC was a four-day-long attempt to change the topic. Did they succeed?

Debates Alone Won't Save Trump

The president is hoping the debates will shift the race in his favor and "expose" Joe Biden as unfit to lead. If history is any guide, that's not going to happen.

Can Joe Biden Get Back on Track?

Biden needs to stop shifting positions. If he can rally centrists, he'll stand a good chance. If the party moves as far left as some believe, he won't be successful in any case.

Why Joe Biden Is Still Winning

After all the talk about the party's lurch leftwards, the practitioner of very traditional coalition politics has established himself as the one to beat.