George F. Will

Now, Defining Decency Down

Last week, a U.S. Senator's 27-year congressional career crashed and burned and his life unraveled in public ignominy, and a presidential candidate announced his disgust in a way that did him no credit.

Out of What 'Shadows'?

Who knew? The nation's fastest-growing metropolitan area is in Southern Utah. The continuing growth of this area is, however, contingent on something that is contingent on Congress.

Will: The Insanity of College Admissions

Ivies," "safeties," "AP prep courses," "legacy," "résumé-enhancing activity," "nonbinding early acceptance," "rolling admissions," "single-choice early action." If this argot is familiar to you, poor you: You have a child in high school, and these are the days that try your soul, the spring days when many college admissions are announced, often by e-mail, which is how AP Harry learned he was deferred by Harvard.Harry is a character in Susan Coll's new novel "Acceptance," set in Verona County,...

Will: Longfellow: A Founder

One hundred years ago, Feb. 27 was enlivened by events around the nation commemorating what had happened 100 years before that, in 1807. But last week's bicentennial of the birth of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow passed largely unnoted, which is noteworthy.It was, naturally, a poet (Shelley) who declared that "poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." Wishful thinking, that, but Plato took poets so seriously as disturbers of the peace that he wanted them expelled from his republic.

A Cheerful Anachronism

Some rice farmers from congressman Ron Paul's district were in his office the other day, asking for this and that from the federal government. The affable Republican from south Texas listened nicely, then forwarded their requests to the appropriate House committee.

Golly, What Did Jon Do?

What did Jon Will and the more than 350,000 American citizens like him do to tick off the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists? It seems to want to help eliminate from America almost all of a category of citizens, a category that includes Jon.congenital condition resulting from a chromosomal defect that causes varying degrees of mental retardation and some physical abnormalities, such as low muscle tone, small stature, a single crease across the center of the palms, flatness of...

MacArthur's Two Words

awe (ô), n.1. Immediate and active fear; terror, dread. --Oxford English DictionaryLast week Americans were on the receiving end of a kind of shock and awe.

Ahmadinejad And Thin Ice

How gruesome was 2006? the year's most consequential person was Iran's president, who says the Holocaust did not happen and vows to complete it. Regarding his nuclear aspirations, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whose manias are leavened with realism, treated the United Nations as a figment of the imagination of a fiction--the "international community."Democrats, given control of Congress because of Iraq, vowed to raise the minimum wage.

Retreat From Exuberance

In his graceful concession speech after President Jimmy Carter and he lost the 1980 election to Ronald Reagan in a landslide, Vice President Walter Mondale said voters had "quietly wielded their staggering power." They did so again last week.

Togetherness In Baghdad

Many months ago it became obvious to all but the most ideologically blinkered that America is losing the war launched to deal with a chimeric problem (an arsenal of WMD) and to achieve a delusory goal (a democracy that would inspire emulation, transforming the region).