2007: Ready, Fire, Aim

Lego blocks were banned by progressives, Che's hair was for sale and Sheryl Crow urged (almost) giving up toilet paper.

Anh Duong, Out Of Debt

Such are history's caroms—she was involved in the end of the Vietnam War and the beginning of the War on Terror.

Peru and Other Menaces

Before panicking, people should remember the witticism that the stock market has predicted nine of the last three recessions.

Messy, But Not a Mess

The always-evolving nomination process provides ample time and challenges to compel candidates to reveal their characters and skills.

Sleepwalking Toward DD-Day

Congress, creating yet another entitlement, is not at all inhibited by the Law of Holes, which is: When you are in a hole, quit digging.

Will: 150 Seconds Over Baghdad

So aged are many Air Force planes, a colonel who calls himself a ''61 model'—he was born in 1961—has flown a tanker made in 1957.Montgomery, Ala.—Two and a half minutes. That is how quickly ground troops in Iraq can receive requested close air support from "the iron over head." The request might pass from a ground unit to a forward air controller, to an intelligence analyst, to someone who does risk assessment (should air power be used against a sniper? A building? A city block?), to a combat lawyer who advises the commander if the risk is consistent with the rules of engagement and the laws of war. Based on that advice, the particular munition or angle of attack axis might be changed.At the Air University here at Maxwell Air Force Base, officers are studying their service's new roles. Time was, air power's primary purpose was to attack massed enemy forces, or the enemy nation's "vital center." Insurgencies have neither. Yet in "the long war" against terrorists, air power is, Air...