George Hackett

Why Blumenthal's Vietnam 'Lies' Matter

Ben Adler writes that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal had not really done anything wrong when he claimed to have served in Vietnam, and that it would probably not be a political death blow.

The Sportswriter Enters Autumn

Important things seem to be escaping me," laments Frank Bascombe in Richard Ford's "The Lay of the Land." It's a familiar refrain for the writer turned real-estate agent, who spends most of his days tooling around suburban New Jersey (in his Suburban) trying to sell houses and worrying over just about everything.

Cameras: A Clear Winner

As digital cameras get ever smaller, they also get harder to hold. Unless you have a surgeon's steady hands, this can lead to blurry shots due to camera shake.

Golf: Tiger's Spin Control

Any weekend golfer knows Tiger Woods switched to a Nike ball a little more than two years ago. But it wasn't easy for the Swooshmeisters from Oregon to get their spokesman to Just Do It.

Type In 'Cheese'

Instant messaging is one of the Web's killer apps--America Online says more than 100 million people use its AIM service to chat with their online buddies.

Letter From The Collapse

Maybe the most surprising thing about the collapse of the World Trade Towers was that, until the moment the south tower actually fell into itself in eerily quiet slow motion, no one suspected it could happen.I live about 15 blocks from the complex, and I started walking toward the buildings as soon as I saw the first plane attack on the morning news.

1990: The Bloodiest Year Yet?

The United States, already far and away the murder capital of the civilized world, could be headed for its bloodiest year ever. Though nationwide statistics are not available yet, many of the country's cities are showing sharp increases in killings for the first months of 1990 compared to a year ago.

Mayor Barry: Lurid Tales Of The Tape

The lighting was bad, the figures blurred, the sound barely audible. But however murky, the long-awaited and much ballyhooed "sting video" in the Marion Barry trial delivered what prosecutors had promised: pictures of the mayor of Washington, D.C., caught in the act of smoking crack cocaine.

Good News In The Drug War

Narcotics agents in Orange County, Calif, have been getting unexpected results lately when they field-test the purity of seized cocaine: instead of the deep royal-blue indicating high-grade powder, the cops are more often seeing a pale shade, showing that the drug has been heavily "stepped on," or diluted.

Mandela Mania Grips America

He will ride through the canyons of Manhattan in the biggest ticker-tape parade since the Mets won the '86 World Series. He will chat with President George Bush in the White House, lunch with the Kennedy clan in Boston and visit Martin Luther King Jr.'s tomb in Atlanta.