George Wehrfritz

Why China Is Becoming The 'Black Hole' Of Global Markets

Is China the financial equivalent of the scariest celestial body in the universe? In a new report that crunches Beijing's opaque numbers, analysts at Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong argue that the country's foreign reserves "seem to have turned into some kind of massive black hole for the world's liquidity." They calculate that China drew in a staggering $324 billion during the first four months of 2008, of which $119 billion was "unexplained" by either the country's yawning trade surplus...

Spam Options

To stretch their battered food dollars, Americans are turning to a much-maligned staple: Spam. Sales of the canned meat product rose 10 percent over the previous three months as inflation-hit consumers used it to replace pricier cuts on their menus.

Storm Warning

The world could be one crop failure away from an actual food crisis. Market panic has already started.