Henry Kissinger


Early on Saturday morning, Oct. 6, 1973, as Israelis celebrate their holiest day of Yom Kippur, Kissinger is awakened in a New York hotel room. He is informed that Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir had just privately warned the Americans that Egypt and Syria are about to wage a surprise attack on Israel.

Face To Face With China

At this writing negotiations between American and Chinese officials are said to be moving toward a climax. The formal obstacle is whether China will continue to insist on an apology or whether it will settle for the expressions of regret of both Secretary of State Colin Powell and President George W.

The Long Shadow Of Vietnam

Not too long ago, former president Gerald Ford and I were reminiscing about his presidency and our experiences in government service. We agreed that the high points have a way of becoming blurred with the passage of time.

Empty Title

Those of us who questioned the wisdom of the diplomacy preceding the war over Kosovo owe it to the Clinton administration to express our respect for the fortitude with which it persevered, and the skill with which it buttressed Allied unity and achieved Russian acquiescence.