Holly Bailey

Club for Growth Calls Out Crist on the Stimulus

You knew it was coming. A day after Charlie Crist told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he "didn't endorse" the $787 billion federal stimulus bill, Club for Growth is up with an ad featuring TV footage of the Florida governor onstage with President Obama earlier this year praising the bill. "We know it's important to pass this stimulus package," Crist said at a joint rally with Obama in early February, a clip that opens up the club's ad.

Nancy Pelosi Eats Ice Cream for Breakfast

There are many things to love about New York Magazine's cover story on Nancy Pelosi this week: the very prominent photo of Pelosi with Obama just over the House speaker's left shoulder in the lead photograph; how she takes only the stairs in the Capitol, forcing her aides and security detail to huff and puff up and down them all day long; and how she was shocked—shocked—that CIA types were upset when she suggested the agency had lied to Congress about waterboarding.

Will Reid's Push for the Public Option Help His Reelection Campaign?

Writing in The Huffington Post this morning, Democratic strategist Peter Daou laments the fact that liberal bloggers aren't getting any love for their role in pressing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to include the so-called public option in the Senate's health-care legislation. "Don't hold your breath waiting to read about the netroots' pivotal role in forcing the inclusion of a public option," Daou writes. "It's just not the way things work in our current media and political world.

John Edwards's Poll Numbers Tank. But, Rest Easy, He's No Bin Laden

Here's a record John Edwards probably won't brag about: a new Gallup poll finds the two-time Democratic presidential hopeful, who has been caught up in personal drama over an affair with a former campaign worker, has suffered the single biggest slide in public opinion ever recorded for a prominent public figure in consecutive polling.

The Weekly Obsession: The Party of Snowe

This week in The Weekly Obsession: GOP Sen. Olympia Snowe. She was the only Republican to vote in favor of the Senate Finance Committee's health care bill this week, a decision that not only irked many in her party but set off a literal Snowe-storm, heh heh, of really, really bad puns. Snowe day, Snowe job, Snowe patrol: Seriously people. Make. It. Stop. Here's the latest clip from Newsweek's amazing Sarah Frank.

Why Harry Reid Is No Tom Daschle

It's no secret that Harry Reid is in trouble in Nevada. For months, the Senate Majority Leader's approval ratings back home have been in the dumps. A poll conducted last week for the Las Vegas Review Journal found Reid with a paltry 38 percent approval rating, down more than 15 points since he won re-election back in 2004.