Holly Bailey

Obama at Georgetown: WWJD?

In his economic speech at Georgetown earlier this week, President Obama notably cited a parable mentioned in Jesus's Sermon on the Mount. But that was it when it came to religious imagery—literally, it seems.


What's the French word for two-faced? After appearing all buddy buddy with President Obama earlier this month in Europe, French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went off on the new American president, describing him as weak and inexperienced.

Obama on the Interrogation Memos

President Obama just landed in Mexico, the first stop of a four-day trip to Latin America. But not surprisingly, there's big news back home. After some internal debate, the Obama administration released four memos, with some sections blacked out, detailing the Bush administration's legal justifications for methods the CIA used to interrogate terror suspects.

Does Bo Know Fame?

The New York Times tackles what is clearly one of the most vexing questions in Washington today: Does First Dog Bo know he's famous? Not surprisingly, the answer depends on who you ask. "Dogs don't know fame," insists Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and author of "What Do Dogs Know?" He says Bo Obama's perception won't be any different than any other family dog, although with all of the attention Bo might think he has "groupies." But Cecelia...

Excerpts from Obama's Speech

President Obama isn't scheduled to speak for another half hour, but the White House has already released excerpts of his speech today. As predicted, there isn't new policy—just an update on what the White House has been doing and the small signs of progress that Obama has been seeing on the economic front.

Obama and Fergie: That's How They Roll

Your Gaggler fondly remembers those days during the Bush administration when the token celebrities around the White House would be people like Bo Derek and that lady from Everybody Loves Raymond. (For the record, we didn't love Raymond.) But alas, the days of C-list celebrity sightings are…ok, they probably aren't over yet.

Obama at the Hagia Sofia

President Obama kicked off his final day in Turkey with a visit to one of Istanbul's most recognizable sites, the Hagia Sofia. Built almost 1,500 years ago (it was constructed between the years 532 and 537), the Hagia was initially one of the world's largest basilicas before being converted into a mosque.

Man Arrested in Plot to Kill Obama

As your Gaggler noted yesterday, security has been noticeably tighter around President Obama since his arrival in Turkey on Sunday night. Perhaps this is why: CBS News, citing a report in a Saudi newspaper, says a man was arrested in Istanbul on Friday for alleging plotting to kill the president.

Obama Tries to Woo the Muslim World

  In a speech aimed at mending ties with the Muslim world, Barack Obama today insisted the U.S. "is not and never will be at war with Islam." The president, speaking before a special session of the Turkish parliament, acknowledged the strain between Americans and the Muslim world and pledged to bridge the divide between the East and West. "America's relationship with the Muslim community, the Muslim world, cannot, and will not, just be based upon our opposition to terrorism," Obama said. "We...

Obama: The Cold is Nuts

Traveling while you're sick is no fun. Just ask Barack Obama. During his week-long tour of Europe, the president has been battling a major head cold. Reporters first noticed the commander in chief sounded a little stuffy last week during his press avail with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Old Guard Designers: Michelle, Please Wear Us!

Looks like someone has sour grapes over all the attention Michelle Obama is getting for her fashion choices these days. We missed this last week, but Women's Wear Daily reports that the "big guns" of American fashion are not entirely thrilled that the First Lady has overlooked their designs in favor of wearing lesser known designers like Thakoon and Jason Wu.

Obama in Turkey

President Obama is in Ankara today on the first day of his two-day trip to Turkey. Security is noticeably tighter here than on other legs of the Europe tour.

Is This the Test Biden Was Talking About?

Was Joe Biden right? Last fall, the VP made big news when he suggested that Barack Obama, if elected, would be tested by an international crisis within the first six months of his presidency. "Mark my words," Biden told donors at a Seattle fundraiser in October. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.

Obama Calls for a Ban on Nukes

Speaking just hours after North Korea launched what the U.S. and others believe was a test of its long-range missile capabilities, President Obama called for an international effort toward nuclear disarmament, calling nukes the "most dangerous legacy of the Cold War." Obama said that America, as the only nuclear power to have actually used a nuclear weapon, had a "moral responsibility to act" and would "immediately and aggressively" seek, among other things, the long-stalled ratification of a...

Obama on the North Korea Launch

Barack Obama is in Prague today, where he will deliver what White House aides are describing as a major speech on weapons proliferation. Good timing, as North Korea just launched a rocket that the U.S. and other other major nations believe was a test to see if they could shoot a long-range nuclear missile.

International Incident No. 3

President Obama just got back to France after having a late night dinner with other leaders of NATO in Germany.  The social event was held at a casino in Baden-Baden, and when it was time to leave, Obama's motorcade picked him up right at the front door.