Howard Fineman

Fineman: Who Will Have Obama's Ear?

Barack Obama likes to listen. But as President, there will be a limit to how much time he can devote to it. Who has his ear? A survey of Obama's inner circles (that's plural): The Chicago Crew Washington will be the Windy City on the Potomac; the locals will bring a pragmatic style that sees any problem as a municipal one writ large (there is, as they say, no ideology in snow removal).

Fineman: Why the Obamas and Clintons Must Make Peace

Soon after he wrapped up the Democratic nomination in June, Sen. Barack Obama invited some of Sen. Hillary Clinton's key financial supporters—"bundlers" in the trade—to a private cocktail party and dinner in Washington.

Mark Salter: McCain's Closest Aide

No adviser is closer to John McCain than Mark Salter, whose prose has shaped how we see the senator. How will the climactic chapter read?