Howard Fineman

Did Hillary Duck a Sucker Punch?

Last March, Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia introduced a bill to insist that President Bush get congressional authorization if he wanted to attack Iran. A few of Webb's fellow Democrats, including Sen.

Fineman: How Fred Thompson Fared

Fred Thompson finally joined the fray, debuting in the Michigan debate. How he stacked up against the rest of the Republican field.

Fineman: Inside the Hillary Veepstakes

Yes, it's ridiculously early to start speculating on who might round out Senator Clinton's presidential ticket. But the angling has begun. Who will be No. 3—to Hill and Bill?

Fineman: Live Blogging the Democratic Debate

   HANOVER, N.H. -- I am here in the student union at Dartmouth waiting to see if Hillary Clinton has chance to smother this Democratic presidential race before it begins.

Fineman: An Explosive Issue in Iowa

The issue is emerging as a big one in Iowa—and it could wind up pulling the GOP contenders far enough to the right to cause problems next November.

In Search Of a GOP St. George

Iowa Republicans will tell you that the Devil does not wear Prada; she wears a pantsuit, low-heeled shoes and a sunny, I-told-you-so smile. Karl Rove insists that Sen.

Fineman: Stumping at the Steak Fry

Tom Harkin's annual steak fry is a key indicator of how the Iowa caucuses may play out next January. Let the Democratic jockeying begin.

Fineman: The Surge and the Polls

This is supposed to be a make-or-break week in the conduct of the Iraq War. But politically, it's looking a lot like 2006 all over again.

Fineman: The Craig Effect in 2008

The GOP hustled the Idaho senator off the stage as soon as news of his arrest in a Minneapolis airport men's room came to light. But Craig isn't going gently. The fallout could help the Dems win the White House next year.

Fineman: Inside Barack Obama's Strategy

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Sen. Barack Obama's first line was ad-libbed and  it made me jealous. "It's cold out here, but I'm fired up!" he told the frozen outside the Old State Capitol.

Two Views on One Family's Road Trip

Two Views: A NEWSWEEK father and daughter find that the campus visit is a journey of discovery—about schools, life and how one generation can best guide another.

Fineman: The Politics of Pittsburgh

A city down on its luck has an optimistic young leader. The scene there mirrors our national situation. Maybe we can all learn something from Luke Ravenstahl.

Fineman: Bracketology for the 2008 Race

With 19 candidates and counting, the 2008 presidential race is tough to sort out—even for the political pros. A user's guide to the ultimate tournament.