Isia Jasiewicz

Most Eccentric State Holidays

Happy V-J Day, Rhode Island! Today is just another Monday at work for most Americans—except for state employees in Rhode Island, who get the day off. Rhode Island is the last state in the Union that still celebrates V-J Day, the anniversary of the World War II victory over Japan. Here's a list of other idiosyncratic holidays celebrated only in certain states.

Putting Matisse on the Clock

Since 2000, the dominant approach to displaying modern art around the world has been thematic. That's when the Tate Modern opened in London, and one of its hallmarks is that it eliminates a sense of historical narrative, mixing together modernist and contemporary works. No wonder a new exhibition of works by the French modernist master Henri Matisse arranged in meticulously chronological order feels like such an outlier in the museum world.

Glenn Beck: Bibliophile

On June 8, Beck devoted an entire episode of his talk show on Fox News to "The Road to Serfdom," a work of political theory written in the immediate aftermath of World War II by Friedrich von Hayek. The day after Beck plugged it, it jumped to No. 1 on Amazon.

Afghanistan's Virtual Museum

Despite what you might think from its name, the Museum of Afghan Civilization will be the very model of a modern major museum when it opens in January. It will be housed in an angular, postmodern building, designed by France's Yona Friedman.