Jac Chebatoris

The Apple of Our Ear

If you're like me, you've had that song from the MacBook Air commercial—the one with the plinky piano, the trombones and the singer who sounds like Feist but isn't Feist—stuck in your head since the ad first aired back in January.

Avril Lavigne Is Sew Cool

Fans of pint-size, raccoon-eyed pop star Avril Lavigne can now emulate the style of their favorite singer. Lavigne is taking time out from her day job—not a bad idea, considering the ticket sales on her recent tour—to launch a fashion line for Kohl's department stores.

Dolly Parton: Back in the Saddle

Dolly Parton excels at being Dolly Parton, and I love her for it. On the cover of her new CD, my girl—now 62—reclines on a pile of hay in the back of a pickup truck, resplendent in a leopard-print bodysuit, her belt cinching a diaphanous, hot-pink trench coat around her wasp waist.

Gossip Maven Perez Hilton Tries Music Biz

Mother Mother might just be the next big thing in music that you haven't heard of—unless you read PerezHilton.com. Two weeks ago, Hilton ran a post that said, "Mother Mother is one of the most exciting bands in the Canadian music scene." In less than an hour, the band's page views went up by 5,000—amazing exposure for an obscure rock band releasing its first album. "If people are checking out new music that they wouldn't normally have an opportunity to hear because Perez...

Book: Paula Deen Spills

Even as someone who prays at the altar of butter, Paula Deen considers herself to be more spiritual than religious, yet it was, in fact, a prayer that changed her life. "I can tell you about that morning I got up—I can take you right back to the very spot I was standing in when that Serenity Prayer went through my head," says Deen. "I finally accepted my mother's death, my father's death, my death, my children's death—everybody that I loved—because dying is a big, big part of living;...


Belinda Carlisle will always be a Go-Go, but her new solo album is called "Voila--and it's all in French. La chanteuse spoke with Jac Chebatoris.I was approached about making an album, but I had no desire to do another pop one.

Newsmakers: Parker Posey

Parker Posey appears in Christopher Guest's latest "mockumentary," "For Your Consideration." She spoke with Jac Chebatoris.Hi. I'm about to pick up my little Gracie at doggie day care.


Q &A: Brandon FlowersThe multiplatinum Killers just released a new CD, "Sam's Town." Lead singer Brandon Flowers talked to Jac Chebatoris.I think that gave us a lot of confidence, so we're coming out guns blazing.We've embraced our Western roots!

Parties: How to Have Fun

Amy Sedaris likes going to parties, but what she loves is throwing them. Sedaris, a comedienne, actress and now author of "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence," wants to share her excitement for throwing a bash with panache--and not of the Martha Stewart variety.