Jacob Weisberg

GOP House Leaders: Pragmatists, Not Ideologues

In the likely event that Republicans capture control of one or both houses of Congress this week, the new leaders will face a strategic question. Should they pursue the agenda of the Tea Party movement that brought them to power?

What Does 'Elitism' Mean?

If there's one epithet the right never tires of, it's "elitism." Republicans are constantly accusing Democrats of it this campaign season, as when Kentucky Senate nominee Rand Paul attacked President Obama as "a liberal elitist … [who] believes that he knows what is best for people."

Palinism 101: Is Her Babble Scary, or Just Funny?

The best Palinisms result when the huntress encounters something she wasn't hunting for—that is, when Sarah Palin comes into contact with most anything to do with domestic, foreign, or economic policy. Funny, yes. But also dangerous.

Idea of Boycotting Israel Is Repellent

Because Israel is a refuge for Jews persecuted everywhere else, this kind of existential challenge is hard to disassociate from anti-Semitism--even if well-intended celebrities are not attempting anything of the kind. When people are trying to murder you because of your religion, it is difficult to credit the bona fides of those who merely want to shun you because of your government.

Weisberg: Why John McCain Is So Angry

I've stopped reading news about John McCain for the same reason I tune out the daily updates on Afghanistan and the BP oil spill: it's too damned depressing. Well into the 2008 primary season, McCain showed glimmers of his old gutsy, independent spirit. Since losing to Barack Obama, however, he's turned into the kind of party hack he once lived to mess with.

The Republicans Look Left and West

Since the second Bush left the White House, something different is happening in Republicanland: a shift away from Southern-style conservatism to a Western variety. You see this in the figures who have dominated the GOP since Barack Obama's election.