Border Mission a Waste of Money: Pentagon Sources

Many senior-level Defense Department officials believe the Trump administration's plan to send thousands of troops to the U.S. southern border was politically motivated and a waste of money, according to Newsweek's sources.

Troops Preparing for Armed Militias at Border

"Remember, defending your nation’s sovereignty and its heralded stature as ‘a nation of laws’ does not make you a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe, a Nazi, a fascist," read a statement to its members from the Minutemen Project.
John Canley, medal of honor

Vietnam War Hero to Receive Medal of Honor

John Canley will receive the nation’s highest award for valor in a ceremony on October 17. The news came 50 years after he led 147 of his fellow U.S. Marines into a battle where American forces were both outmanned and outgunned.

U.S. Army Soldier Killed Was on His 13th Deployment

Command Sergeant Major Timothy A. Bolyard was the highest-ranking enlisted soldier of a unit that forms the U.S. Army’s newest adviser brigade deployed to Afghanistan as a part of the Trump administration’s strategy.