Jason McLure

Keeping Up With Wi-Fi

During baseball season, the air at minor-league Raley Field in Sacramento, Calif., is filled with more than fly balls, cheers and the faint aroma of hot dogs and sauerkraut.

Controversy: Read, Write And Scout

Former Eagle Scout Clint Lawton stopped pursuing a business major when he learned that Brigham Young University offered a new major: Scouting. "I thought, 'Oh, you can get paid to do Boy Scouts?' "Gay-rights groups don't share his enthusiasm.

Tears Of Joy

Eight years ago Hillary Goodridge was kept outside a hospital room while Julie Goodridge, her partner of sixteen years, underwent an emergency Caesarian section on the other side.

Skiing: Six Percent Solution?

On Ira Dinkes's second day of snowboarding last winter, he broke his wrist. The injury rendered useless his $319 season lift pass at New Hampshire's Loon Mountain.

Digital 'I Do'

If you've ever gotten wild on the dance floor at a Boston wedding, there's a chance Andy was manning the microphone. Like any topnotch DJ, Andy's got a complete music library, enough sound equipment to get a party started and enough experience to know just when to unleash "YMCA." But those skills will cost you: he charges $140 an hour.

U R Hereby Fired!

Thought those instant-message flirtations you sent at work were private? Think again. Initially the domain of teenagers unsatisfied with gossiping on the phone, IM use is burgeoning at the office.

Home School: The Ring

Among high-school rites of passage, it ranks right up there with the prom and the SAT: getting a class ring. And as more students are being home-schooled, they're starting to want rings, too.

Law: Don't Mess With Art

Artist David Phillips believes his art is in danger of being trashed. Not by reviewers, but by investment giant Fidelity. The company commissioned Phillips to create a sculpture park next to a Massachusetts office building, but after he was done Fidelity wanted to move one of the sculptures and alter a pathway.

Survival: Turn To The Tart

As hurricane Isabel drew nearer last month, Americans braced themselves by stocking up on batteries, water and... toaster pastries? While reviewing sales data, retailers like Wal-Mart and Giant Food discovered a surge in pre-hurricane Pop-Tarts sales; at BJ's Wholesale Club, they jumped more than 20 percent. "We were surprised," says a BJ's spokeswoman.


TRADE Cotton, King of CancunWith the world on the warpath against farm subsidies, U.S. cotton was ripe for the pickin' at the WTO summit in Cancun. So why did the $3.2 billion subsidy program survive the talks unscathed?

Changing Habits

The magazine ad is hardly groundbreaking. An attractive, well-dressed young blond woman flashes her pearly whites at the reader; the text asks, "Why am I smiling?" The pastel color scheme and the soft lighting are presumably intended to convey a distinctly feminine air.


AFRICAContinental Motives?On his whirlwind tour of Africa last week, President George W. Bush pledged $15 billion to fight AIDS, denounced the American slave trade as "one of the greatest crimes in history," toured a wildlife park, met with African leaders and publicly weighed sending troops to help suffering Liberians.