Jeffrey E. Garten

No More Bail Outs

On both sides of the Atlantic, governments are considering ways to buffer their automobile industries against the economic downturn. The EU has just agreed on a $50 billion package to help its companies meet new environmental standards.

Let the Good Times Roll

Ten years ago, when the "big bang" hit London, a burst of deregulation reversed years of stagnation in the markets and propelled the City to become one of the world's biggest and most vibrant financial centers.

Bracing for a Rough Patch

Over the next decade, the biggest change in the world's corporate hierarchy will be the rise of companies from developing countries. Corporations such as China's Huawei (telecommunications equipment), India's Infosys (IT and business outsourcing services) and South Africa's SABMiller (beer and beverages) are already big global enterprises.

Hot Markets, Solid Ground

I have generally been a worrier when it comes to thinking about risks in an ever-shrinking global economy. But not now, not on one of the critical questions facing the world in 2006: whether countries such as China, India, Turkey, Russia and other emerging markets will continue to boom, or go bust, just as they did in 1997.

To Save World Trade: Plan B

The mood among the trade ministers gathering in Hong Kong this week is likely to be downbeat. That's because after two years of struggling to move global trade negotiations toward a conclusion, the 149 countries of the World Trade Organization have failed to bridge huge gaps in their respective positions.

The Saudis Slip In Silently

The big news is often in the silence. that was certainly true in the case of Saudi Arabia's quiet entry into the World Trade Organization. Last week trade ambassadors in Geneva blessed the move, which will be made official at the upcoming summit in Hong Kong.

Battle of the Asian Summits

The world's attention will be focused on Busan, South Korea, this week, where the heads of state of some of the world's most dynamic economies will gather at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation annual meeting.