Jen Glennon

Deputy Editor, Entertainment and Gaming

'Yakuza Kiwami 2' Review

Sega's meticulous remake of "Yakuza 2" fires on every cylinder, delivering all the high-stakes drama, pummelling action and loopy diversions of the series at its best.

'Yakuza Kiwami 2' Hands-on Impressions

The Dragon of Dojima heads to Osaka in our hands-on preview of SEGA's remake of "Yakuza 2," busting heads and showing off his exquisite torso to adoring fans.

The Best Deals in the PSN Mid-year Sale

If there's a particular title you've been dithering over, now might be the time to buy, with prices up to 70 percent off (or more for PlayStation Plus subscribers).

'Fist of the North Star' E3 Demo Impressions

The latest export from Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has all the spectacular beatdowns you love from the "Yakuza" series, and adds more blood, beefier dudes (!) and an infectiously rad "Mad Max"-meets-anime vibe.

'Detroit: Become Human' Review

For all its near-future sleekness, there's something endearingly quaint about "Detroit: Become Human," the latest branching narrative adventure from Quantic Dream.

'Sailor Moon Super S' Part 1 Blu-ray Review

The latest home video release of the classic 90s anime serves up the first half of the fourth season with the same polish and care as previous Viz Media offerings in the series.

Eidos Montréal Head Talks Lara Croft's Evolution

We spoke with Eidos Montréal Head of Studio David Anfossi about the evolution of Lara Croft, and why the Mayan civilization made the perfect setting for "Shadow of the Tomb Raider," the latest chapter of her ongoing story.

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' Hands-on

We stepped into the shoes of Lara Croft for an hour to spelunk through an ancient, underground ruin in Mexico. Here's our early impressions of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider."

'Yakuza 6' Menu Combination Guide

Wondering which food items you need to order from each restaurant in "Yakuza 6" to get bonus EXP? We've put together a full list of all 30 menu combinations in the game, for restaurants in both Kamurocho and Onomichi.

'Yakuza 6' RIZAP Challenge Meal Plan Guide

Feeling the burn from 'Yakuza 6's RIZAP Challenge? Not sure what restaurant to go to or what foods to eat to complete Makuta's Meal Plan? We've got you covered, with a full list of every clue and the corresponding food item you'll need to eat to make big gains, whether it's arm day or leg day.